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As winter approaches, residents of Port Protection battle to survive the harsh Alaskan wilderness and continue their independent lifestyle.


  • Port Protection Alaska: Float-house Resurrection
    With spring in bloom, Port Protection’s residents are dealt a series of obstacles and opportunities. Squibb attempts an incinerator to solve the community’s waste management problem. Sam serves as dive tender to newcomer, Troy Brockway. Oliver and Breanna learn the true value of their new boat, which they bought unseen. And Carl and Morgan can no longer ignore their sinking float house.
  • Port Protection Alaska: Locked and Loaded
    In Port Protection, residents must rely on both brain and brawn if they wish to outsmart mother nature. Oliver and Breanna head out on their first bear hunt. Curly coaches Morgan through felling her first tree. Sam uses science to sweeten his planting soil. Mary constructs a new method to cook her fish.
  • Port Protection Alaska: Bear Hunt Revisited
    The residences come together, combining old wisdom with youthful strength to ensure the future of Port Protection. Sam, Carl and Troy build a vital log hauler for their future homesteads. Curly is hungry for some heart and liver, so he hunts the rainforest for a young buck. Squibb and Chris build a significant upgrade to their infrastructure. Oliver and Breanna continue on their quest to harvest a bear.
  • Port Protection Alaska: Fortune Favors the Bold
    For the citizens of Port Protection, nothing worth having comes easy. Oliver tries his hand at constructing a bush washing machine out of barrels and lumber. Sam teaches Troy how to fish using a subsistence gillnet. Mary sets her pots out in hopes of collecting shrimp. And Carl and Morgan move one step closer to building their empire.
  • Port Protection Alaska: The Kill Shot
    At summer’s height, Port Protection residents set out to the wild to score winter protein. Sam builds Troy a handmade kill shot gun so he can take a shot at spearfishing in Alaska. Morgan embarks on a mission with Matt for deer, and lands herself on a buck for the first time. Squibb drops long lines for halibut. And an attempt for black bear leads Curly down an emotional memory lane.
  • Port Protection Alaska: Breaking Ground
    Residents of Port Protection must work tirelessly to maintain their place in the unforgiving wilderness. Sam and his son Matt help their new neighbor Troy break ground on his cabin. Curly sets out in hopes of catching crab and cockles. Bre and Oliver construct a breakwater to protect their float house. David Squib takes on some critical maintenance projects in and around his homestead.
  • Port Protection Alaska: The Swimming Dead
    The citizens of Port Protection race against time to prepare for the brutal and unforgiving winter. Squibb helps Troy take the next step towards building his cabin. Oliver and Breanna are hungry for some duck. Sam resurrects an old stove from his junkyard. Curly is looking to fill his freezer with some much need protein for the winter while avoiding half dead zombie fish.
  • Port Protection Alaska: Halibut, Hoist and Home
    The villagers of Port Protection unite to prepare for the brutal winter. Matt helps Carl and Morgan construct a problematic hoist. Sam and Squibb aid Troy to raise the first walls of his homestead. Mary, and her friend Jiggy, fish for illusive halibut with the hope of sharing the bounty. Oliver must find, fell and mill the perfect tree in order to keep Troy’s cabin build from grinding to a halt.
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  • Port Protection Alaska: The Hunter and His Dog
  • Port Protection Alaska: Trolling Hard
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  • Port Protection Alaska: Rising from the Ashes
    After losing community elder Gary Muehlberger in a tragic house fire, the residents of Port Protection are forced to confront their grief and press on. Sam and Squibb tune up the community fireboat. Curly constructs a vegetable garden. Carl and Morgan begin their commercial gillnet fishing season. And Mary sets out into the wild on a deer hunt.
  • Port Protection Alaska: Episode 12
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  • Port Protection Alaska: Episode 13
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  • Port Protection Alaska: Episode 14
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