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Every time a plane crashes, the world takes notice. And so do the experts whose job it is to figure out what happened. Air Crash Investigation 17 uncovers the truth behind the most legendary aviation disasters. Every episode features eyewitness accounts, captivating reenactments, state-of-the-art CGI, and interviews with the investigators who ultimately determined what went wrong.


  • Air Crash Investigation: Kathmandu Descent
    A Pakistani airliner crashes in the Himalayas. And when their most vital piece of evidence fails to deliver, investigators scramble to find answers.
  • Air Crash Investigation: Impossible Pitch
    A cargo jet plummets to earth in the Swedish Arctic. And as investigators pore over the evidence, a terrifying picture of chaos and confusion emerges.
  • Air Crash Investigation: Explosive Touchdown
    After a routine landing, a Taiwanese commuter plane is rocked by a massive explosion. The resulting inferno destroys the fuselage. A team of international investigators finds no evidence of a bomb on board. But as they dig through the scorched wreckage, they ultimately uncover the powerful ingredients for catastrophe in the overhead bins.
  • Air Crash Investigation: Taxiway Turmoil
    Blanketed by confusion and heavy fog, a DC-9 ends up at the wrong end of an active runway in Detroit, and directly in the path of an oncoming 727. The horrifying collision kills eight people. And when investigators dig into the crew's backgrounds, they wonder if the disastrous sequence of events leading up to the crash hinges on the personalities of the pilots themselves.
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  • Air Crash Investigation: Runway Breakup
    En route from Bogota to the tiny Caribbean island of San Andres, Aires Flight 8250 is rocked by a major tropical storm. And though the crew expects to emerge from the intense weather, they are pummeled by high winds and heavy rains on their final approach and slam into the ground just short of the runway. The pilots claim the weather is to blame, but investigators ultimately reveal the cause of the accident was in their heads.
  • Air Crash Investigation: Icy Descent
    En route to Comodora, on the Patagonian coast, SOL Airlines Flight 5428 nosedives into a remote desert, instantly killing everyone on board. Argentinian investigators scour the scattered and scorched debris and find nothing out of the ordinary. That is, until a microscopic filament provides the first tangible clue.
  • Air Crash Investigation: Atlantic Ditching
    A state-of-the-art helicopter carrying oil workers to a drilling platform crashes into the ocean off the coast of Newfoundland. Remarkably one man survives and within hours, a major recovery effort has begun to retrieve the victims, the flight recorder, and the mangled wreckage from the ocean floor. Investigators piece together the clues and ultimately reveal a fatal flaw in the S-92's design.
  • Air Crash Investigation: No Warning
    A turboprop commuter plane is approaching a remote airport in Papua, Indonesia, when it mysteriously disappears. Billowing smoke on a nearby mountaintop leads search-and-rescue teams to the wreckage. And while three separate systems could have prevented the tragedy, it's up to investigators to figure out why none of them did.
  • Air Crash Investigation: Cockpit Killer
    LAM Mozambique Airlines Flight 470 is headed for Luanda, Angola, when it disappears from radar. Rangers in a remote Namibian park eventually discover the wreckage, and NTSB investigators join a local team for their largest-ever case. The wreckage provides the first major clue, and after ruling out a host of possible causes, investigators are left with an chilling conclusion.
  • Air Crash Investigation: Stormy Cockpit
    Taking off during a major storm, a brand-new 737 falls from the sky over West Africa, and an international group of investigators soon descends on Cameroon. Submerged in mud and water, Kenya Airlines Flight 507 crashed into a mangrove swamp, killing everyone on board. And while investigators ultimately pinpoint one fatal mistake that triggered the tragedy, they also uncover a lethal cascade of issues that sent the passenger jet spiralling toward the ground.