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  • National Geographic
  • PHOTOS from each episodes include re-enactments, recreations, and CGI.

  • Air Crash Investigation show

    Air Crash Investigation

    Air Crash Investigation investigates recent air disasters to uncover how and why they happened. It takes viewers on bard six...

  • Holding Pattern show

    Holding Pattern

    Flydubai Flight 981 nosedives into the runway at Russia’s Rostov airport. And investigators uncover one of the most lethal...

  • Peril over Portugal show

    Peril over Portugal

    A Martinair flight crashes in Portugal amid thunderstorms and heavy rain, and when investigators piece together the evidence...

  • Stealth Bomber Down show

    Stealth Bomber Down

    When a two-billion-dollar Stealth Bomber crashes in Guam, it’s up to the US Air Force to investigate the most expensive...

  • Double Trouble show

    Double Trouble

    Rocked by an explosion that rips both right wing engines off the wing, the pilots of Transair 671 manage a miraculous landing...

  • Pacific Plunge show

    Pacific Plunge

    When Alaska Airlines Flight 261 suddenly nosedives into the Pacific, investigators uncover a critical maintenance issue with...

  • North Sea Nightmare show

    North Sea Nightmare

    En route to the Shetland Islands, a high-tech turboprop is struck by lightning, temporarily blinding the crew and disabling...

  • Playing Catch Up show

    Playing Catch Up

    A private jet shuttling business passengers to Akron, Ohio slams into an apartment building less than two miles from the...

  • Tragic Takeoffs show

    Tragic Takeoffs

    An early-morning flight from Lexington, Kentucky ends in disaster when a twin-engine jet careens off the tarmac.

  • Grounded: Boeing Max 8 show

    Grounded: Boeing Max 8

    Indonesian investigators must determine why a Boeing 737 Max8-one of the best-selling new airplanes on Earth-plunged into the...

  • Cabin Catastrophe show

    Cabin Catastrophe

    A mid-air explosion rocks Southwest Airlines 1380. While pilots struggle to regain control, flight attendants make a...

  • Meltdown Over Kathmandu show

    Meltdown Over Kathmandu

    Landing at one of the world's most challenging airports, a passenger plane comes in like a fighter jet, skids off the runway,...