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  • Africa's Hunters show

    Africa's Hunters

    Zambia's extraordinary Luangwa Valley is the perfect hunting ground for some of Africa's most iconic predators. Prides of...

  • Jane show


    Jane Goodall, a young and untrained woman, challenges the male dominated scientific consensus of her time with her chimpanzee...

  • Wild 24 show

    Wild 24

    WILD 24 is a day-long journey that celebrates the eternal rhythm of light and dark in different locations around the world....

  • Women's Inspiring show

    Women's Inspiring

    National Geographic celebrates International Women’s Day by reflecting on the women who inspire us every day with a series...

  • The Rebel Spirit show

    The Rebel Spirit

    Morgan Freeman’s quest to learn what makes a rebellion successful brings him face-to-face with exiles, whistleblowers,...

  • The Power of Love show

    The Power of Love

    Morgan is on a global quest to understand how this primal force binds us together as a species. He sees how love can be found...

  • Ultimate Rivals: Cat V. Dog show

    Ultimate Rivals: Cat V. Dog

    Cats and dogs—they’ve figured out how to live in harmony but in the wild, it’s a different story. Throw the hyena into...

  • Storm Cats show

    Storm Cats

    In a place where rain is rare, violent and short-lived, the big cats deem threats as opportunities and hunt to survive.

  • Soul of the Cat show

    Soul of the Cat

    We look at behaviors between domestic cats and their wild cousins and ancestors to draw the parallels and explain cat’s wild...

  • Botswana: Battle for the Pride show

    Botswana: Battle for the Pride

    In Battle for the Pride, follow a pride in Botswana — home to some of the largest male lions on the planet — as they fight...

  • Witch Hunt show

    Witch Hunt

    Ware travels to Papua New Guinea to investigate one of the country’s highly controversial practices: Women who are thought...

  • Fashion Week Wars show

    Fashion Week Wars

    Ware travels deep into the heart of New York City during one of the busiest times of the year — Fashion Week

  • Africa's Last King show

    Africa's Last King

    Africa’s last absolute monarch, King Mswati III, rules over all of Swaziland with total power, but who is the man beneath...

  • The Enemy Within show

    The Enemy Within

    Sekekama , the undisputed King of the Marsh Pride, must content with rivals to his throne.

  • Reign of Traitors show

    Reign of Traitors

    The Marsh Pride reaches breaking point.

  • King Slayers show

    King Slayers

    The Marsh Pride's ageing King, Sekekama, is forced to lead his family into hostile territory.

  • First Blood show

    First Blood

    Neo must prepare for life as a solitary assassin, but his future hangs in the balance.

  • The Shark Tank Cleaner show

    The Shark Tank Cleaner

    In his first urban animal adventure, Jeremy dodges man-eating sharks while cleaning their tank and narrowly avoids getting bit...

  • The Ostrich Cowboy show

    The Ostrich Cowboy

    Jeremy’s animal wrangling odyssey continues in Texas, where he primps the hair of some bovine beauty queens.

  • The Lion Dentist show

    The Lion Dentist

    Jeremy visits a drive-through safari park to give a sedated lion a check-up, feed the chimps and meet with a newborn giraffe!