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  • Masterminds show


    Deeply curious, strategic, and super smart – the octopus is one of nature’s ultimate problem solvers.

  • Shapeshifters show


    Whether transforming their body shape and color to disappear or mimicking their deadliest enemy. Octopus use shapeshifting...

  • River Alert show

    River Alert

    Jo Roger and Ole Henrik struggle to rescue a trailer load of salt that threatens to pollute Norways biggest salmon river. Any...

  • Overload show


    Severe winter weather brings chaos to the mountains and Thords running out of options. Hes rescuing a fifty-tonner when...

  • Road Closed! show

    Road Closed!

    Bjørn and Thord team up to rescue a Swedish truck that slid into the ditch only 200 metres from its destination. Its carrying...

  • All-Nighter show


    In the long dark winter nights, theres no time to sleep for the ice road heroes. When a truck smashes into a crash barrier and...

  • Are We There Yet? show

    Are We There Yet?

    After getting lost in a swamp, the Bairds finally make it to Island Lake.

  • Swamped show


    Jim, Tori and the kids get lost in a swamp while canoeing to Island Lake.

  • Passing the Test show

    Passing the Test

    Jim rappels the canoe down a cliff; Tori solos Class III rapids.

  • The Adventure Begins show

    The Adventure Begins

    Jim and Tori take their young kids on their first overnight canoe trip.

  • Extraordinary Birder with Christian Cooper: New York City show

    Extraordinary Birder with Christian Cooper: New York City

    Christian Cooper meets peregrine falcon chicks, gives a pigeon a footbath and releases a streetsmart kestrel in his hometown,...

  • Extraordinary Birder with Christian Cooper: Washington, Dc show

    Extraordinary Birder with Christian Cooper: Washington, Dc

    Christian Cooper meets an eagle family, helps nesting grassland birds, explores a “nest island” and discovers the local...

  • Extraordinary Birder with Christian Cooper: Palm Springs show

    Extraordinary Birder with Christian Cooper: Palm Springs

    Christian Cooper discovers majestic great blue herons, super smart ravens, territorial hummingbirds and a working raptor in...

  • Strong Foundation show

    Strong Foundation

    Alaska Natives provide for their community as their ancestors did on the same lands. Chris and Nalu Apassingok battle the...

  • Good Medicine show

    Good Medicine

    Alaskan Natives carry on tradition and build strength through community. Jody Potts-Joseph and her husband Jamey hunt for...

  • Burning Daylight show

    Burning Daylight

    Indigenous Alaskans make use of the long summer days, working round the clock to provide for their subsistence lifestyle.

  • Captain & Striker show

    Captain & Striker

    With winter behind them, the Indigenous Peoples of Alaska embrace the warmer weather with new projects and obstacles.

  • Made in America show

    Made in America

    Brought up in Laredo on the Texas-Mexican border, American-born Edgar Valdez-Villareal, aka La Barbie, shows early promise as...

  • Hell's Cartel show

    Hell's Cartel

    The incredible story of how one Hells Angels leader took over the cocaine trade in Montreal and declared war on the state. ...

  • Cocaine Guerillas show

    Cocaine Guerillas

    A maverick group of DEA agents uncovers the huge scale of guerrilla group, the FARC’s involvement in narcotics, then teams...