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  • Panzer Rush show

    Panzer Rush

    As the Battle of the Bulge rages, a young US scout becomes separated from his regiment and spends the night trapped behind the...

  • Suicide Hill show

    Suicide Hill

    A Japanese American regiment fights through darkened forests, heavy rains, and entrenched Nazis to reach a lost US battalion...

  • Bunker Blitz show

    Bunker Blitz

    As the war finally arrives on German soil, US soldiers must smash through two layers of the infamous Siegfried Line to capture...

  • Killer Causeway show

    Killer Causeway

    In the aftermath of the D-Day landings, Nazi paratroopers dig in to defend at Carentan to prevent the link up on US forces on...

  • Primal Survivor: Mighty Mekong show

    Primal Survivor: Mighty Mekong

    Survivalist Hazen Audel travels 500 miles along the Mekong River Basin, in the journey of a lifetime. He faces remote jungle...

  • First Alaskans show

    First Alaskans

    In this brand-new returnable observational documentary series follows a select few of the original inhabitants who are relying...

  • Space Coast Scare show

    Space Coast Scare

    Ten shark attacks leave swimmers and surfers reeling off Florida’s Space Coast in 2003. Investigators race to uncover the...

  • Hawaiian Night Fright show

    Hawaiian Night Fright

    Experts search for clues to explain a spike of three bizarre and bloody shark encounters that occurred in Hawaii's Molokai...

  • Carnage in California show

    Carnage in California

    Los Angeles is home to beautiful beaches and Hollywood blockbusters but in the Summer of 2007 a dark story emerged from the...

  • Darjeeling Himalayan Railway show

    Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

    The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway is a steeply graded narrow-gauge line connecting the plains of New Jalpaiguri in Eastern...

  • Copper Canyon Railway show

    Copper Canyon Railway

    The luxury El Chepe train is a wonder of Mexican engineering that took 100 years to build through the world’s largest canyon...

  • Canada's Wilderness Railroad show

    Canada's Wilderness Railroad

    The Winnipeg to Churchill train crosses the province of Manitoba, along a route that requires determination, force, and fire...

  • Glacier Express show

    Glacier Express

    The Glacier Express train in the Swiss Alps is an engineering marvel traveling over treacherous gorges and through huge...

  • Asia's Wild Secrets Monsoon Life show

    Asia's Wild Secrets Monsoon Life

    Every animal in Asia has a story to tell about water.

  • World's Weirdest Snakes show

    World's Weirdest Snakes

    World’s Deadliest Snakes reveals the secrets behind some of the stealthiest predators on the planet, from snakes that strike...

  • Monsters of the Wild: Creepy Crawlers show

    Monsters of the Wild: Creepy Crawlers

    Mother Nature…creator of breathtaking beauty. And it seems there’s no end to her evolutionary inspirations…or perhaps?...

  • Monsters of the Wild: Wonderfully Weird show

    Monsters of the Wild: Wonderfully Weird

    Mother Nature...creator of breathtaking beauty. And it seems there’s no end to her evolutionary inspirations…or perhaps?...

  • Hold Fast show

    Hold Fast

    Rough seas, high winds and fast tides make for tough fishing, but when captains help each other, the bluefins start biting.

  • Payday Baby show

    Payday Baby

    The fleet sees a bump in prices, pushing everyone to fish even harder for a paycheck, but Wicked Pissah got a big reason to...

  • Middlebank Monster show

    Middlebank Monster

    As the season heats up, young newcomers Time Flies fights to catch bluefin and prove they have what it takes to keep up with...