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  • Killer Coast show

    Killer Coast

    In the finale of his epic journey across S. America, Hazen Audel faces the perils of the Pacific Coast as he battles to reach...

  • deadly desert show

    deadly desert

    On this leg of his South American adventure, Hazen Audel tackles the waterless wilderness of the Atacama Desert to reach a...

  • Koala-Palooza show


    In this enhanced episode, it's breeding season at ZooTampa! Two koalas reunite, painted dogs seek out soulmates, and a pygmy...

  • Wake Me Up Before You Bongo show

    Wake Me Up Before You Bongo

    ZooTampa's favorites feel the love with a life-saving penguin procedure, additions to the bongo herd, and urgent medical care...

  • Oh The Zoomanity! show

    Oh The Zoomanity!

    ZooTampa's vets solve mysteries and make history with an orangutan's herniated belly button, a rhino’s chin lesion, and a...

  • Crash Course show

    Crash Course

    Major lifestyle changes at ZooTampa as bears and panthers get habitat upgrades, a rhino makes new friends, and a grouper has...

  • Monster Finale show

    Monster Finale

    As the Bluefin season ends, the captains fight for their last paychecks, but it’s down to four top boats to battle it out...

  • No Time To Loose show

    No Time To Loose

    In a neck-and-neck race for the top spot, the fleet strategizes where to fish as they anticipate an announcement about the...

  • Top Four Frenzy show

    Top Four Frenzy

    Four captains battle for their right to claim the top spot, while the rest of the fleet fights to stay competitive.

  • Wicked Tuna: Outer Bank Showdown show

    Wicked Tuna: Outer Bank Showdown

    It’s winter in the Outer Banks where only the strong survive. This season the Bluefin are bigger, more profitable, and...

  • Land of Waters show

    Land of Waters

    From Anacondas to glow in the dark frogs to the tiny dusky swifts who rule the world’s largest waterfall, Argentina’s...

  • Opioid Apocalypse show

    Opioid Apocalypse

    How rogue chemists and street gangs brought fentanyl to America - and the vicious Mexican cartel that controls this deadly...

  • Fish Of The Hook show

    Fish Of The Hook

    After being left alone in hostile territory, it’s a fight to the finish for Cyril and his team as they search for the giant...

  • Edge Of Disaster show

    Edge Of Disaster

    Cyril and his team battle for survival against hidden stingrays, black piranhas, and massive falling trees on their search for...

  • Tension On The Line show

    Tension On The Line

    With the help of local villagers, Cyril and his team battle a flooded forest and insect stings in their search for the...

  • Jungle Goliath show

    Jungle Goliath

    On a trip to the Amazon, Cyril and his team face armed poachers, ravenous piranhas, hunting caimans, massive anacondas, and a...

  • King Sized show

    King Sized

    Cyril and his team must find their way out of the remote wilderness before severe weather destroys their salmon samples.

  • Weather The Storm show

    Weather The Storm

    The captains race to catch tuna before a storm chases them off the water. But how much is FV-Tuna Dot Com willing to risk to...

  • Redemption show


    After an unsuccessful solo trip, Captain Paul calls in a former mate in hopes of salvaging his season and proving he’s a...

  • Marciano On Deck show

    Marciano On Deck

    After missing several trips with the boys, Dave Marciano returns to the Hard Merch to prove his worth.