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  • Hidden Vietnam show

    Hidden Vietnam

    While exploring Vietnam, Jeff tests his endurance, his balance, and his taste buds before facing his biggest fear: walking...

  • Man Of The Mountain show

    Man Of The Mountain

    In The Adirondacks, Jeff prepares to climb a mountain by training his body and mind with champion timber sports competitors.

  • Fighting Spirit show

    Fighting Spirit

    For the sake of their baby’s safety and their dog’s future, Cesar helps a couple’s adopted dog that guards food on the...

  • In Sickness & Health show

    In Sickness & Health

    A pitbull's aggression is fueled by her owner's fear of the future, and an overly-energetic Frenchie eats everything in sight,...

  • Jurassic Park 2 show

    Jurassic Park 2

    Cesar helps Suzy, an emotionally exhausted pet parent and trauma survivor, who is desperate for help with her primal pack of...

  • Jurassic Park 1 show

    Jurassic Park 1

    Cesar helps Suzy, an emotionally exhausted pet parent and trauma survivor, who is desperate for help with her three dogs...

  • Presure Pile-Up show

    Presure Pile-Up

    The police put Thord under pressure to rescue a truck with locked-on brakes that blocks a tunnel.

  • Blizzard Battle show

    Blizzard Battle

    Bjoern loses his temper, and almost his fingers, when an inexperienced truck driver creates havoc in the high mountains.

  • Deadline Danger show

    Deadline Danger

    When Arctic storms kick off the coldest winter in a decade, Thord, Bjoern and Jo Roger face down danger to keep the ice roads...

  • Rivals on the Rocks show

    Rivals on the Rocks

    When a truck crashes into a cliff face, Bjoern has to join forces with a rival company at the rescue.

  • Mega Trouble show

    Mega Trouble

    When blizzards bring chaos to Norway’s roads, Thord and his A-Team battle to save a jack-knifed truck from tipping over

  • $20 Million Time Bomb show

    $20 Million Time Bomb

    The true story of one of the darkest crimes on the high seas; the sinking of the MV Lucona and its crew, all to claim a...

  • Invasion Usa show

    Invasion Usa

    A shipwreck is thought to be a lost flagship from the War of 1812, and an artist uncovers her ancestor’s link to the burning...

  • The Myth Of The Pacific Pirate Ship show

    The Myth Of The Pacific Pirate Ship

    Fragments of porcelain and blocks of beeswax lead to a 250-year-old shipwreck and a forgotten trade route of vast cargo ships...

  • Secrets Of The Dinosaurs show

    Secrets Of The Dinosaurs

    Palaeontologists journey from Patagonia to Canada to overturn popular misconceptions about dinosaurs and uncover the real...

  • Rise Of The Mob show

    Rise Of The Mob

    Hidden in the oceans, lakes and rivers of the US lie wrecks revealing secrets to the rise to power of the American Mob in the...

  • Alaska show


    The hunt for a legendary ghost ship in Alaska reveals a corner of the United States once known as “Russian America.”

  • Fight Clubs show

    Fight Clubs

    Mariana investigates underground fight clubs and the push to bring bare-knuckle fighting into the mainstream.

  • Monkey Business show

    Monkey Business

    In this enhanced episode, a leopard needs a team of doctors, a monkey gets a rare physical, and a vanishing newt species gets...

  • Fangs for the Memories show

    Fangs for the Memories

    In this enhanced episode, ZooTampa's Florida team fights for the survival of their most critical injured and orphaned manatees.