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  • Mission Disaster show

    Mission Disaster

    On a refuelling mission during the Gulf War, a US Air Force tanker plane loses two engines. The crew struggles to fly their...

  • Caught In A Jam show

    Caught In A Jam

    On final approach through thick clouds, a commuter turboprop in New Zealand slams into hilly terrain. Rescuers struggle to...

  • Meltdown Over Kathmandu show

    Meltdown Over Kathmandu

    Landing at one of the world's most challenging airports, a passenger plane comes in like a fighter jet, skids off the runway,...

  • Cabin Catastrophe show

    Cabin Catastrophe

    A mid-air explosion rocks Southwest Airlines 1380. While pilots struggle to regain control, flight attendants make a...

  • Grounded: Boeing Max 8 show

    Grounded: Boeing Max 8

    Indonesian investigators must determine why a Boeing 737 Max8-one of the best-selling new airplanes on Earth-plunged into the...

  • Tragic Takeoffs show

    Tragic Takeoffs

    An early-morning flight from Lexington, Kentucky ends in disaster when a twin-engine jet careens off the tarmac.

  • Playing Catch Up show

    Playing Catch Up

    A private jet shuttling business passengers to Akron, Ohio slams into an apartment building less than two miles from the...

  • North Sea Nightmare show

    North Sea Nightmare

    En route to the Shetland Islands, a high-tech turboprop is struck by lightning, temporarily blinding the crew and disabling...

  • Lawless Island: Surviving show

    Lawless Island: Surviving

    In the wilderness of Southeast Alaska, the residents of Port Protection use skill and perseverance to survive and thrive in...

  • Ice Road Rescue: Highway Havoc Comp show

    Ice Road Rescue: Highway Havoc Comp

    'Ice Road Rescue: Highway Havoc S3 Compilations' tells the stories of the most dangerous recoveries, largest payloads and...

  • Heartland Docs, DVM show

    Heartland Docs, DVM

    Ben and Erin, and their two sons Chase (13) and Charlie (11), live and work at the center of America's food-chain where the...

  • Wild Chile show

    Wild Chile

    This beautiful and intriguing blue-chip series explores the incredible wildlife of Chile which encompasses a diverse range of...

  • A Million Bucks Or Bust show

    A Million Bucks Or Bust

    Four teams converge at the final destination for a battle in the final stage of the race.

  • Hit The Ground Running show

    Hit The Ground Running

    Four teams of co-workers, rock climbers, cops and teachers spread out across the world race towards the finish line under...

  • The Final Push show

    The Final Push

    With stage one nearing its end, an unexpected roadblock throws a wrench in the race.

  • Down To The Wire show

    Down To The Wire

    Over halfway through the race, even the strongest are pushed to their breaking points.

  • The Snake Pit show

    The Snake Pit

    Simon has his hands full with a massive black mamba that doesn't want to be caught, a cobra hiding in a room of old sacks, and...

  • Big Mamma Mamba show

    Big Mamma Mamba

    Simon has a close shave with a pregnant black mamba looking to lay her eggs, and she's not the only female mamba that Simon...

  • Oh The Hu-Manatee! show

    Oh The Hu-Manatee!

    After more than 15 years in the ZooTampa family, chimpanzees Twiggy, Jamie and Nick are ready to retire! The team says...

  • Stingray Stunner show

    Stingray Stunner

    The ZooTampa family is growing as Ceduna the Female Koala has a baby inside her pouch! Meanwhile, Bruce, a beloved Aldabra...