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  • Pearl Harbor show

    Pearl Harbor

    Draining Hawaiʻi reveals Japan's secret weapons, from mini-subs to fighter planes, with the wreck of USS Arizona a reminder...

  • Rise of Cleopatra show

    Rise of Cleopatra

    Archaeologists investigate Egypt’s most famous female pharaoh, Cleopatra. Teams excavate ancient graves and search hidden...

  • Tutankhamun's Death show

    Tutankhamun's Death

    Archaeologists investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of King Tutankhamun to uncover the truth behind...

  • Mummy Hunters show

    Mummy Hunters

    Archaeologists investigate one of the great mysteries of ancient Egypt – the mummy. Teams excavate buried tombs and make...

  • Ramses: Egypt's Greatest Dynasty show

    Ramses: Egypt's Greatest Dynasty

    Archaeologists investigate ancient Egypt’s mightiest pharaoh, Ramses the Great. Teams excavate buried tombs and make...

  • Oman show


    Dwayne has to trek across a parched desert to find water and reach safety.

  • Gabon show


    Dwayne tackles impenetrable rainforest and jungle rivers to reach safety.

  • Kyrgyztan show


    Dwayne must cross Kyrgyzstan to reach nomads leaving their camp for winter.

  • 7 Toughest Day on the Earth show

    7 Toughest Day on the Earth

    Adventurer Dwayne Fields takes on Earth’s most hostile worlds during their toughest time – a ‘deadly window’ when epic...

  • Nazis at Nuremberg: The Lost Testimony show

    Nazis at Nuremberg: The Lost Testimony

    Never-before-heard trial testimony reveals shocking new details about World War II and the inner workings of the Nazi war machine.

  • Cowoys and 'Cue in Colombia show

    Cowoys and 'Cue in Colombia

    Big Moe travels all the way to Colombia to discover one of the world’s oldest methods of cooking meat over an open fire.

  • Gumbo, Gator, and Grillin' show

    Gumbo, Gator, and Grillin'

    Big Moe hunts gators, makes boudin and learns authentic gumbo as he works to create authentic Creole and Cajun dishes that...

  • South Carolina Soul show

    South Carolina Soul

    Big Moe heads to South Carolina to explore the cuisine and its roots in Black history and culture before cooking some low...

  • Bahamas Barbecue show

    Bahamas Barbecue

    Big Moe explores the culinary world of the Bahamas with Chef Simeon Hall, then cooks up a Bahamian BBQ feast to share with...

  • Casuality of War show

    Casuality of War

    Veteran British soldier Brett Leonard Makinson, a retired parachute regiment medic, heads to India to overcome his PTSD but is...

  • Fighting Yaba show

    Fighting Yaba

    This installment details the true story of Boxing Billy Moore's struggle to survive inside Klong Prem Prison, the notorious...

  • Sole Smuggler show

    Sole Smuggler

    David Harte is in his forties when his life collapses around him. He is tempted into the shady world of drug smuggling before...

  • Big Trouble in Tokyo show

    Big Trouble in Tokyo

    Steven Beattie's Thai party lifestyle isn't cheap. He smuggles hash to fund it, but pays the ultimate price when he's locked...

  • Declassifies A King's Ransom show

    Declassifies A King's Ransom

    Rafael Arguelles is a gangster by the age of 17 but faces life-threatening consequences after going undercover for the FBI...

  • Christmas show


    From a dazzling train of lights along England’s coast and an Alpine fireworks show to Finland’s reindeer herds, we soar...