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  • Monster Python show

    Monster Python

    A huge Python needs rescuing, while another caller has a lucky escape from a deadly Viper.

  • Cobra Chaos show

    Cobra Chaos

    Mbali attempts to catch her first black mamba and Simon and Sioux head to India to rescue some of the world’s deadliest snakes.

  • Secrets of the Octopus show

    Secrets of the Octopus

    Just beyond our shores, a creature with extraordinary powers rules its domain. Experience new science, amazing moments, and...

  • Extraordinary Birder With Christian Cooper show

    Extraordinary Birder With Christian Cooper

    Life-long birder Christian Cooper takes us on a journey to dive into and discover the wild, wonderful and unpredictable world...

  • Bombing Pompeii show

    Bombing Pompeii

    Pompeii. The world’s most astonishing historical time capsule. Once a vibrant and sprawling Roman town, it was buried under...

  • Before The Flood show

    Before The Flood

    Follow Academy Award winner Leonardo DiCaprio as he travels to five continents and the Arctic speaking to scientists, world...

  • Drain The Ocean: Great Barrier Reef show

    Drain The Ocean: Great Barrier Reef

    The mysterious sinking of Australia’s “Titanic”, a warship on a dangerous mission, and a ROV expedition searching for...

  • Parched: Toxic Waters show

    Parched: Toxic Waters

    Illegal dumping affects a cattle farmer’s livelihood, and lax regulations for oil companies result in water contamination.

  • Home In The Wild show

    Home In The Wild

    Having seen the positive impact nature has on their son with a genetic disorder, Jim and Tori Baird look to forge a life in...

  • Mamba Invasion show

    Mamba Invasion

    A massive 2.5 metre black mamba is holding an apartment block hostage. Meanwhile Sioux uncovers another one at a wedding...

  • Snakes & Ladders show

    Snakes & Ladders

    Simon and Sioux continue to train their apprentice Mbali before heading to the snake capital of the world. It’s monsoon...

  • Revenge show


    President Kennedy’s body arrives back in Washington, and a grieving Jackie Kennedy leads the funeral march to honor him. In...

  • Manhunt show


    The race is on to track down JFK’s killer. But before he is arrested, the assassin kills again. Meanwhile, Jackie Kennedy...

  • Assassination show


    President John F. Kennedy and his wife, Jackie, travel to Texas on the campaign trail, along with a team of secret service...

  • Family Strength show

    Family Strength

    With the snow beginning to melt and spring around the corner, Alaska Natives search for new resources on their ancestral lands.

  • Warrior Spirit show

    Warrior Spirit

    Generations of Indigenous Peoples work to revive cultural practices once lost to colonization and raise the culture bearers of...

  • Uncertainty of the Future show

    Uncertainty of the Future

    The spring thaw brings new opportunities for Alaska’s Indigenous People, but also unforeseen dangers.

  • Good Day to be Indigenous show

    Good Day to be Indigenous

    Alaska’s Indigenous Peoples survive and thrive in extreme climates by following the lessons passed down through the generations.

  • Target One show

    Target One

    Liverpool’s Curtis Warren was a drug trafficking prodigy, whose cunning and flair made him a uniquely challenging opponent...

  • Head of the Snake show

    Head of the Snake

    In 1992, New York City is struggling to stem a flood of heroin flowing into the city from South East Asia. On a street corner...