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  • Untamed Coast show

    Untamed Coast

    Hazen Audel tackles the Indian Ocean in a battle to reach a network of coastal coral caves, home to the largest bat colony in...

  • Rhino Mountain show

    Rhino Mountain

    Hazen Audel hits Hell’s Gate gorge searching for black rhino. Forest foragers send him to a deep cave network on the trail...

  • Deadly Waters show

    Deadly Waters

    In this part of Hazen Audel’s extreme African safari, he takes on the mighty Lake Baringo. His goal is to witness millions...

  • Valley of Giants show

    Valley of Giants

    On the second leg of his journey, Hazen Audel descends the sheer face of the Great Rift Valley in search of a herd of...

  • Desert Nomads show

    Desert Nomads

    Survival expert Hazen Audel treks through Africa’s Great Rift Valley on an extreme expedition to see rare and magnificent...

  • Breakout from Normandy show

    Breakout from Normandy

    The Allies have taken the beaches of Northern France. Now they face a brutal fight through enemy territory in a bid to...

  • Battle of the Atlantic show

    Battle of the Atlantic

    The longest campaign of the war pits the deadly stealth of the Nazi U-boats against the code-breaking genius and long-range...

  • Battle of Britain show

    Battle of Britain

    Summer 1940: Fierce dogfights fill the skies over Southern England, as the pilots of the RAF defend the island from ferocious...

  • The Barbarian Kingdom show

    The Barbarian Kingdom

    In remote Scotland, Albert Lin uses technology to hunt for the powerbase of the Picts, a tribe of barbarians who fought off...

  • The Cloud Warriors show

    The Cloud Warriors

    Explorer Albert Lin searches mountains of Peru to reveal the lost city of the Cloud Warriors, whose legacy was nearly wiped...

  • The Warrior Kings show

    The Warrior Kings

    In the deserts of Sudan Albert Lin searches for the lost capital of a kingdom of warriors who once conquered and ruled the...

  • Cradle of the Maya show

    Cradle of the Maya

    Albert Lin heads deep into the Mexican jungle in search of an ancient lost city, once home to the Maya that built the great...

  • The Madman show

    The Madman

    No name, no photo, no fingerprints, this drug lord was the ultimate ghost. All law enforcement knew about him was his...

  • Sink or Swim show

    Sink or Swim

    On a steep hillside, high above the fjord, Bjoern risks everything to rescue a tractor that threatens to fall - and take him...

  • Narrow Escape show

    Narrow Escape

    When a runaway trailer threatens a main road, Thord risks getting crushed to complete a difficult rescue.

  • Head Into Danger show

    Head Into Danger

    When a truck crashes into a snowbank in the mountains, Thord and rookie Terje must put their lives at risk to save its...

  • Off-Road Roulette show

    Off-Road Roulette

    Racing to a rescue, rookie Terjes in big trouble when he crashes Thords tow-truck.

  • Taken By the Wolf show

    Taken By the Wolf

    As dark winter approaches, subsistence Alaskans use the waning daylight to prepare for the difficult season ahead. Tig...

  • Against the Wind show

    Against the Wind

    Indigenous Peoples of Alaska rebuild their communities after Typhoon Merbok. John and Teresa Pingayak travel to camp to assess...

  • Homelands show


    Indigenous Alaskans pass on traditional values to their children and share their connection to the land they have always...