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  • Silent Biter show

    Silent Biter

    Cesar helps a couple who are afraid for their young son because their poodle chihuahua mix feels the need to protect his...

  • Ticking Bomb show

    Ticking Bomb

    Cesar is called out to a red zone case involving two powerful breeds who have begun fighting, hunting and killing small...

  • It Takes a Village show

    It Takes a Village

    As food sources grow scarce, Alaska Natives work to feed their communities.

  • Sign of Good Luck show

    Sign of Good Luck

    Alaska’s Indigenous Peoples face new challenges as arctic resources that have been relied on for centuries begin to disappear.

  • The Lone Wolf show

    The Lone Wolf

    Generations of Indigenous Peoples have thrived in harsh arctic climates because of their knowledge and stewardship of the land.

  • Cold Catch show

    Cold Catch

    Indigenous Alaskans rely on the lessons of their ancestors to survive and thrive in challenging terrain.

  • MGB show


    Tim and Fuzz are on their 100th car and first electric conversion, an MGB for unsuspecting owner Caroline.

  • Vauxhall Cavalier Turbo show

    Vauxhall Cavalier Turbo

    The boys take on a 1994 Vauxhall Cavalier Turbo owned by Darren. His friends hope the restored car will lift his spirits after...

  • Raging Waters show

    Raging Waters

    Hazen Audel faces the Mekong’s wildest waters, joining daredevil fishermen in a legendary fishing challenge to complete his...

  • Land of the Python show

    Land of the Python

    Hazen Audel goes in search of giant reticulated python in the swamps of the Beung Kiat Ngong swamps, one of the Mekong...

  • Musket Men show

    Musket Men

    Hazen Audel tackles an epic survival challenge, seeking out traditional musket hunters high on the Bolaven Plateau in the...

  • Quota Killers show

    Quota Killers

    The captains race to catch high-quality bluefin, but they can’t control what bites the hook. It's a double-edged sword...

  • Cursed show


    The buyer breaks wreak havoc on fishermen’s strategies and five-time champion Captain Dave Carraro suffers the longest cold...

  • Rogue One show

    Rogue One

    Captain Dave Marciano defies the fleet by fishing in a secret location on his own, alienating him from the others but helping...

  • Chasin' The Bite show

    Chasin' The Bite

    Everyone is desperate for a paycheck as the warm summer water creates a lull in fishing like never before, and keeping the...

  • Strength in Numbers show

    Strength in Numbers

    In an uncertain market, the fleet fights to earn another paycheck. But while some crews have all hands on deck, others find...

  • Nazi Tank Hunters show

    Nazi Tank Hunters

    After a nighttime crossing of the Savio River, a platoon of Canadian tank hunters fights off Nazi Panther tanks with only the...

  • Himmler's Folly show

    Himmler's Folly

    As the Battle of the Bulge ebbs, Himmler launches a surprise offensive into France but is slowed by the bravery of a...

  • The No Fall Zone show

    The No Fall Zone

    While filming for a sports movie, skier Angel Collinson falls from a 1000-ft mountain in one of the steepest spines of Alaska.

  • Return to Life show

    Return to Life

    When attempting a first ascent on the tallest unclimbed peak in the Himalayas, legendary climber Conrad Anker has a heart...