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  • Rover SD1 show

    Rover SD1

    Tim and Fuzz take a trip back in time with a 1986 Rover SD1, the car belongs to 58-year-old, landscape gardener Darren who has...

  • Deep Roots show

    Deep Roots

    Spring is on the horizon as new challenges emerge for rural Alaskans. Preparation is key to the success and survival deep in...

  • Dog Cabin show

    Dog Cabin

    The Next Generation will stop at nothing to secure crucial food stores and supplies no matter the risks at hand.

  • Power Under Pressure show

    Power Under Pressure

    Time is running out on seasonal harvests in Alaska and the next generation is forced to work smarter not harder to reap...

  • The Pursuit show

    The Pursuit

    The next generation of Alaskans must rise to the challenge that Mother Nature throws at them in order to survive.

  • Won't You Bite My Neighbor? show

    Won't You Bite My Neighbor?

    A Boston Terrier obsessively fights the Akita next door and strains a marriage. Two mixed Terriers terrorize the neighborhood...

  • Giving Pack show

    Giving Pack

    Living in fear of their dogs’ escalating hostility, sisters Johanna and Nailah have seen their relationship strained after...

  • Who's Afraid of the Bark? show

    Who's Afraid of the Bark?

    Cesar works with a pair of anti-social Chihuahuas and their locked-down pet parents who have no clue how to reign in their...

  • Pack to the Future show

    Pack to the Future

    Cesar works with a young Australian Shepherd named Storm and her emotionally scarred owner, whose past traumas have left her...

  • Bananas And Blow show

    Bananas And Blow

    At Philly Seaport, CBP finds containers loaded with coke. In El Paso, the cartel thwarts HSI’s controlled delivery of 40...

  • Hot Drugs show

    Hot Drugs

    In the heat of El Paso, CBP stops 30 kilos of cocaine from crossing the border. Officers intercept $150K worth of illegal...

  • Boatloads Of Coke show

    Boatloads Of Coke

    CBP finds an SUV loaded with meth at the border and counterfeit cash in Atlanta. Operation Blood Moon yields 2000 kilos of...

  • Ancient China From Above show

    Ancient China From Above

    In this season, Dr. Allan Maca, an archaeologist and expert in ancient civilizations, investigates China’s distant past from...

  • Extreme China show

    Extreme China

    Adventurers from around the world team up with Chinese explorers to navigate China’s extreme landscapes, and learn about the...

  • Ruff-Housing show


    Cesar works to rehabs an aggressive German Shepherd, Kobe who’s play wrestling with his teenage pet parent is getting dangerous.

  • Bite Club show

    Bite Club

    A Border Collie’s aggressive behavior causes the family to be isolated, and a Chihuahua guards her food, literally biting...

  • Fighting Fear show

    Fighting Fear

    Cesar helps two dogs stuck in the past: a Beagle turned aggressive after his brother was killed and a leash shy Malinois found...

  • Barking Mad show

    Barking Mad

    Cesar rehabs two dogs whose barks have bite: a Pit mix that gets so excited she acts like she’s possessed and a miniature...

  • Fire On The Little Shell show

    Fire On The Little Shell

    Little Shell’s season goes from bad to worse when their gyro breaks loose from its mounts and causes a fire on board.

  • Brink Of Disaster show

    Brink Of Disaster

    It’s survival of the fittest for man and monster fish when danger strikes the Outer Banks and one captain faces his demons.