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  • Back on Track show

    Back on Track

    Time Flies leads the blue fin fleet, while veteran boats find themselves in a slump. Will experience or luck help turn things...

  • Comeback Kings show

    Comeback Kings

    The competition is tougher than ever and fights to prove they can be a threat again, hitting every speedbump on...

  • Whale of a Tuna show

    Whale of a Tuna

    As some of the fleet make the biggest paychecks they’ve seen in years, last season’s reigning champion Paul Hebert aims to...

  • Dog Days show

    Dog Days

    As TJ awaits news on the health of his beloved Reba, his crew tries to catch the Hot Tu-na their first fish of the season.

  • Dame of Cocaine show

    Dame of Cocaine

    This is the true story of Andrea Mohr from Germany. She was involved in international drug smuggling and other criminal...

  • Paw & Order show

    Paw & Order

    A chicken jumps into a delivery truck, a bulldog slips and slides on a frozen lake, a monkey steals a package of food, a...

  • Bear Pool Party show

    Bear Pool Party

    A golden retriever backs down an Alaskan brown bear, a Dachshund puppy dog rides on a robot vacuum cleaner, our viral clip of...

  • Animal Self-Reflection show

    Animal Self-Reflection

    A golden retriever shows his basketball skills, a whale pushes a paddle board, a curious cheetah climbs on a safari car, a...

  • Rat Ate My Homework show

    Rat Ate My Homework

    Spoiled cats enjoy a spa day with Dad, a crab builds itself a home, a police officer helps a kitty across the street, our...

  • The Amber Room show

    The Amber Room

    A new wreck discovery in the Baltic Sea leads explorers on a hunt for the world’s greatest lost treasure, and reveals the...

  • The Secrets of Pomepeii's Dead show

    The Secrets of Pomepeii's Dead

    New discoveries at Pompeii and Herculaneum reveal the identities and final moments of those trapped during the eruption of a...

  • Pearl Harbor show

    Pearl Harbor

    Draining Hawaiʻi reveals Japan's secret weapons, from mini-subs to fighter planes, with the wreck of USS Arizona a reminder...

  • Rise of Cleopatra show

    Rise of Cleopatra

    Archaeologists investigate Egypt’s most famous female pharaoh, Cleopatra. Teams excavate ancient graves and search hidden...

  • Tutankhamun's Death show

    Tutankhamun's Death

    Archaeologists investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of King Tutankhamun to uncover the truth behind...

  • Mummy Hunters show

    Mummy Hunters

    Archaeologists investigate one of the great mysteries of ancient Egypt – the mummy. Teams excavate buried tombs and make...

  • Ramses: Egypt's Greatest Dynasty show

    Ramses: Egypt's Greatest Dynasty

    Archaeologists investigate ancient Egypt’s mightiest pharaoh, Ramses the Great. Teams excavate buried tombs and make...

  • Oman show


    Dwayne has to trek across a parched desert to find water and reach safety.

  • Gabon show


    Dwayne tackles impenetrable rainforest and jungle rivers to reach safety.

  • Kyrgyztan show


    Dwayne must cross Kyrgyzstan to reach nomads leaving their camp for winter.

  • 7 Toughest Day on the Earth show

    7 Toughest Day on the Earth

    Adventurer Dwayne Fields takes on Earth’s most hostile worlds during their toughest time – a ‘deadly window’ when epic...