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  • Tornado Outbreak show

    Tornado Outbreak

    The tornado super outbreak in April 2011 is unprecedented; over just 4 days, 360 tornadoes leave a trail of devastation as...

  • Witness to Disaster show

    Witness to Disaster

    Eyewitness; compelling stories of disaster, told through the eyes of those who were there. A Mine Collapses in Chile,...

  • War Games show

    War Games

    Mmamotse's rule has turned the Kingdom upside down. Her army run rampant, but her legacy now depends on a Princess stepping up...

  • Rise of Exiles show

    Rise of Exiles

    After the murder of one of their own, the Makulu Pack of Wild Dogs looks to a new leader for salvation. The Western Pride is...

  • Reign of Terror show

    Reign of Terror

    Trapped by the rising flood waters, Dikeledi must teach her wayward cubs the lessons of survival. But this brutal Kingdom is...

  • Dawn of Darkness show

    Dawn of Darkness

    Led by a ruthless Commander, the rotten clan of hyenas seizes power from the lions. An exiled Queen is hell bent on winning...

  • Rise Of the Roman Empire show

    Rise Of the Roman Empire

    Drain the Oceans unlocks the secrets of how the Roman Empire controlled the seas of the Ancient world and how it harnessed the...

  • Pacific Shockwave show

    Pacific Shockwave

    Drain the Oceans unlocks the secrets of how the Japanese Empire rose to power in the Pacific and how it harnessed superior...

  • Lost Giants show

    Lost Giants

    Over the last century, a new breed of ocean giant has emerged. Maritime archaeologists and historians go in search of the...

  • Airport Security: Brazil show

    Airport Security: Brazil

    São Paolo International Airport, Guarulhos, Brazil, South America’s busiest. Here, Federal Police work 24-7, to stop...

  • Death Railway Escape show

    Death Railway Escape

    Hazen Audel battles the bamboo jungles of Thailand, mirroring the escape of ten prisoners from a brutal, Japanese labour camp...

  • Frozen Nazi Escape show

    Frozen Nazi Escape

    Survivalist Hazen Audel braves the largest plateau in Europe to retrace the white-knuckle escape of Norwegian commandos who...

  • Pow Jungle Escape show

    Pow Jungle Escape

    Survival expert Hazen Audel retraces the extraordinary survival journey of 11 American soldiers who flee a POW camp in the...

  • Ultimate Survival WWII show

    Ultimate Survival WWII

    Hazen Audel travels across the globe to relive some of the most astonishing stories of wilderness survival from World War II....

  • Legendary Catch show

    Legendary Catch

    Carter Andrews has been anchored in life by a drive and zeal for extreme fishing. Follow Carter in his international journey...

  • Dog: Impossible show

    Dog: Impossible

    Specializing in dogs with aggressive behavior, Matt Beisner focuses his energy on detachment issues, fear-based aggression and...

  • Airport Security: Madrid show

    Airport Security: Madrid

    From dusk till dawn, National Police at Spain’s Madrid-Barajas airport, Spain’s largest, tackle drug trafficking and...

  • London's Secret History show

    London's Secret History

    London is one of the most powerful cities on earth. Draining the Oceans reveals the story of the city's meteoric rise.

  • Pacific War Megawrecks show

    Pacific War Megawrecks

    An expedition searches for the iconic wrecks of the Battle of the Pacific, including the ship that delivered the Hiroshima...

  • Down To The Wire show

    Down To The Wire

    With final paychecks on the line, big fish on the hook and so little time, a fight to the finish is the only guarantee.