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  • Secrets of New York City show

    Secrets of New York City

    Can the engineering and WWI secrets revealed by sonar explain New York’s meteoric rise into a bustling world metropolis...

  • Lost Nukes of The Cold War show

    Lost Nukes of The Cold War

    Conducted in secret beneath the waves, The Cold War was the world’s first nuclear armed confrontation and also the most...

  • Buried Secrets of The Gold Rush show

    Buried Secrets of The Gold Rush

    The streets of San Francisco, the Sacramento River and the icy wasters of the Klondike are drained to tell the true story of...

  • High Speed Chase show

    High Speed Chase

    Every second on the water is valuable with the Bluefin Season nearing an end. The luckiest captains battle it out for the...

  • Blood, Sweat And Tears show

    Blood, Sweat And Tears

    Only the strong survive but who has what it takes in the battle between man and nature?

  • Old Golly Whopper show

    Old Golly Whopper

    It’s the toughest Carolina Bluefin Season yet and with half of the quota caught and time running out, every boat on the...

  • Northern Fury show

    Northern Fury

    In a season where the Northern boats are catching more than ever before, Southern boats continue to fish hard against all odds.

  • Bangkok Betrayal show

    Bangkok Betrayal

    Offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to dance in Thailand, Latasha Madson has no idea of the nightmare her life is going...

  • Greek Border Bust show

    Greek Border Bust

    David and Tom start small smuggling marijuana to Hawaii but when they graduate to a grander scheme, things go wrong and they...

  • Thai Meth Bust show

    Thai Meth Bust

    Jimmy turned his life from one of misery into his dream but when he went a step too far, it all came crashing down and he...

  • Narco Wine Bust show

    Narco Wine Bust

    Champion skier Nick Brewer worked his way through the dark ranks of the Mediterranean underworld but just as he reached...

  • Mexican Cartel Hell show

    Mexican Cartel Hell

    Texan Carlos Quijas is a happy man with a child on the way but in Mexico his life is changed forever when he's falsely...

  • Caribbean Coke King show

    Caribbean Coke King

    A friendship that pulled a man out of depression soon leads to a life of crime and a Dominican prison sentence.

  • Future China 2049 show

    Future China 2049

    China has a dream; of becoming one of the world's most developed nations by its centenary in 2049. To achieve it, over the...

  • Secrets of The Civil War show

    Secrets of The Civil War

    The land battles of the American Civil War are well known but now archaeologists and historians go in search of other secrets,...

  • Killer U-Boats show

    Killer U-Boats

    The world’s first stealth weapon, the U-Boat almost won the war when it took on the might of the Royal Navy. Now draining...

  • Secrets of The Spanish Armada show

    Secrets of The Spanish Armada

    Go beneath the waves to discover how the English not only thwarted Spain’s Armada, but also stole their technology to expand...

  • Secrets of D-Day show

    Secrets of D-Day

    As the water drains away from the English Channel and Normandy Coast, extraordinary secret technology and sunken wrecks of...

  • No Pain, No Gain show

    No Pain, No Gain

    With the quota dwindling, fishing 24/7 is the only option and none of the boats are backing down as the North Carolina Bluefin...

  • Redemption show


    As the seasons quota dwindles and sustainability limits are stricter, bluefin fisherman are feeling the pressure to get paid.