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  • Kraken The Code show

    Kraken The Code

    With more boats on the water and a small quota getting filled up, the need to find a prime fishing location becomes more vital...

  • Blood Lines show

    Blood Lines

    With several family legacies going back generations, fishing is personal for the Gloucester captains. And as the competition...

  • Follow The Leaders show

    Follow The Leaders

    Theres a small quota this year, and with fish being caught quickly its all about strategy and having a good start to the...

  • Band of Brothers show

    Band of Brothers

    Coming into bluefin season with threats of domination, three new boats sit at the top of the fleet, proof they are worthy...

  • The Enemy Among Us show

    The Enemy Among Us

    As the season opens, Gloucesters elite get challenged by top new fishermen. Captain Bob Cook and his crew on Fat Tuna vow to...

  • Killer Strike show

    Killer Strike

    October 1944. After being credited with the first official U-Boat kill of the Second World War, German U-Boat commander...

  • Enigma Capture show

    Enigma Capture

    September 1939. The life of German U-Boat commander Fritz Julius Lemp takes a series of dramatic turns as he risks the wrath...

  • Commander Down show

    Commander Down

    February 1943. After facing down three destroyers in the Japanese occupied harbor of Kiska, Alaska, an American submarine...

  • Dark Days show

    Dark Days

    As winter descends on Southeast Alaska, residents in the remote village of Port Protection must combat deadly conditions in...

  • New Blood show

    New Blood

    As winter looms in Port Protection, its residents both young and old must prepare for the harsh days ahead, or face dire...

  • Eyes of The Forest show

    Eyes of The Forest

    As fall fades into winter, residents of Port Protection must adapt to the whims of Mother Nature if they are to survive. Gary...

  • Dangerous Grounds show

    Dangerous Grounds

    Residents of Port Protection must complete vital tasks before winter, and they must often enlist the help of family or friends.

  • Inca Island In The Sky show

    Inca Island In The Sky

    Albert Lin travels to the famous Machu Picchu where LiDAR technology reveals evidence of an even older civilisation’s...

  • Petra's Hidden Origins show

    Petra's Hidden Origins

    Albert Lin travels to the famous city of Petra and learns it may have been part of a much bigger network built by a mysterious...

  • Ghost City of The Pacific show

    Ghost City of The Pacific

    Albert Lin travels to Micronesia, in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, to explore the tombs and ritual sites of the ancient...

  • El Dorado City of Gold show

    El Dorado City of Gold

    Albert Lin travels to Colombia, South America, to find out the truth behind the legends of El Dorado.

  • Fortress of The Knights Templar show

    Fortress of The Knights Templar

    National Geographic Explorer and scientist Albert Lin travels to Acre, Israel, in search of the lost fortunes of the...

  • Norway's show


    From herding reindeer to scuba diving in wintry waters, Gordon gets to the heart of traditional Norwegian cuisine and where...

  • India's show


    In the spice capital of the world, Gordon learns to master the complex culinary layers of the region.

  • Guyana's show


    In the Amazon Basin, Gordon finds a wealth of opportunities to create his spin on traditional Guyanese cuisine.