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  • Man, Woman, Dog show

    Man, Woman, Dog

    Humans and dogs have a long, intertwined history together. Through the eyes of each of them today, we can see the evolution of...

  • Phantom Sharks AKA Camo Sharks show

    Phantom Sharks AKA Camo Sharks

    Can sharks change color at will to enhance their predatory abilities? Through groundbreaking experiments, revered shark...

  • The Shark that Ate Everything show

    The Shark that Ate Everything

    We head off to the coast of New Zealand as shark researcher Apryl Boyle gives us a fascinating look into Sharks That Eat...

  • World's Biggest Hammerhead show

    World's Biggest Hammerhead

    This shark's unusual name comes from the unusual shape of its head, an amazing piece of anatomy built to maximize the fish's...

  • Storming Waters show

    Storming Waters

    Survivalist Hazen Audel fights through endless mangrove swamp, finally reaching the Atlantic Ocean to complete his extreme...

  • Peaks of Peril show

    Peaks of Peril

    Survivalist Hazen Audel tackles thundering waterfalls and the world’s most dangerous snake in the latest leg of his extreme...

  • Deadly Plains show

    Deadly Plains

    Survivalist Hazen Audel joins indigenous cowboys, as he tackles the open savannah in the second leg of his extreme Amazon...

  • Poison Jungle show

    Poison Jungle

    Hazen Audel tackles the Amazon rainforest in the first of 6 extreme survival challenges: he must escape the jungle, before...

  • Scotland's Sea Secrets show

    Scotland's Sea Secrets

    During the First World War, two powerful warships, HMS Hampshire and HMS Vanguard, sank in controversial circumstances off the...

  • Toxic Wrecks show

    Toxic Wrecks

    Thousands of WW2 wrecks lay dormant in the world’s waters. 75 years later, the relentless power of the ocean has eroded...

  • Turboprop Terror show

    Turboprop Terror

    After a turboprop crashes in North Carolina, investigators resort to a risky test flight—and uncover an industry-wide safety...

  • Pitch Black show

    Pitch Black

    An Illinois turboprop crashes in bad weather, and investigators eventually uncover a fatal assumption and deadly decision.

  • Tree Strike Terror show

    Tree Strike Terror

    Facing a severe thunderstorm and a control tower shutdown, American Airlines 1572 suffers double-engine failure on final...

  • Terror Over Michigan show

    Terror Over Michigan

    After a Boeing 727’s near-fatal nosedive over Michigan, investigators risk their own lives to determine why TWA Flight 841...

  • MTGA vs The Sherlock Homies show

    MTGA vs The Sherlock Homies

    MTGA takes on the Sherlock Homies in a series of mind-bending games.

  • Can't DNEye Us vs SDBNA show

    Can't DNEye Us vs SDBNA

    Can’t DNEye Us take on SDBNA in a series of mind-bending games.

  • Anibrainiacs vs San Diego Roller Derby show

    Anibrainiacs vs San Diego Roller Derby

    Anibrainiacs take on the San Diego Roller Derby in a series of brain games.

  • Halibut, Hoist and Home show

    Halibut, Hoist and Home

    The villagers of Port Protection unite to prepare for the brutal winter. Matt helps Carl and Morgan construct a problematic...

  • The Swimming Dead show

    The Swimming Dead

    The citizens of Port Protection race against time to prepare for the brutal and unforgiving winter. Squibb helps Troy take the...

  • Breaking Ground show

    Breaking Ground

    Residents of Port Protection must work tirelessly to maintain their place in the unforgiving wilderness. Sam and his son Matt...