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  • Legendary Catch show

    Legendary Catch

    Carter Andrews has been anchored in life by a drive and zeal for extreme fishing. Follow Carter in his international journey...

  • Dog: Impossible show

    Dog: Impossible

    Specializing in dogs with aggressive behavior, Matt Beisner focuses his energy on detachment issues, fear-based aggression and...

  • Airport Security: Madrid show

    Airport Security: Madrid

    From dusk till dawn, National Police at Spain’s Madrid-Barajas airport, Spain’s largest, tackle drug trafficking and...

  • London's Secret History show

    London's Secret History

    London is one of the most powerful cities on earth. Draining the Oceans reveals the story of the city's meteoric rise.

  • Pacific War Megawrecks show

    Pacific War Megawrecks

    An expedition searches for the iconic wrecks of the Battle of the Pacific, including the ship that delivered the Hiroshima...

  • Down To The Wire show

    Down To The Wire

    With final paychecks on the line, big fish on the hook and so little time, a fight to the finish is the only guarantee.

  • Inferno show


    This film presents the amazing landscape and wildlife of the Lower Okavango river in Southern Africa.

  • Limbo show


    This film presents the landscape and wildlife of the Middle world of the Okavango river in Southern Africa.

  • Paradise show


    This film presents the amazing landscapes and wildlife of the Upper Okavango river in Southern Africa.

  • Okavango: River of Dreams show

    Okavango: River of Dreams

    It is born in the highlands of Angola – but, instead of flowing towards the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, it runs inland....

  • Wild Nordic show

    Wild Nordic

    Scandinavia – a land of vast coastlines, soaring mountains, daring animals, ancient landscapes and lush forests. In this...

  • Slam Dunk show

    Slam Dunk

    When United Express Flight 6291 crashed on final approach just a mile from the runway investigators were left with just...

  • Lethal Limits show

    Lethal Limits

    When a Aeroflot Nord Flight 821 crashes onto the trans-Siberian railway, those investigating make a series of shocking...

  • Runway Runoff show

    Runway Runoff

    After Continental Airlines Flight 1404 careens off the runway and crashes in flames, investigators are left to determine what...

  • Fatal Climb show

    Fatal Climb

    Tarom Flight 371 leaves Bucharest, veers off course and nosedives into a field. Can the FBI determine if this was an accident...

  • JFK: The Lost Assassination Tapes show

    JFK: The Lost Assassination Tapes

    The assassination of President Kennedy is one of the best documented historical events, but much of the footage is seldom...

  • The Sherman Tank show

    The Sherman Tank

    The captain must decide whether to risk making their way further out to sea but when that decision is made, who gets the pay...

  • Thick As Thieves show

    Thick As Thieves

    Pinwheel’s Tyler McLaughlin struggles to get back to the top of the leader board but with a new boat appearing, his luck may...

  • Blood In The Water show

    Blood In The Water

    It’s a game changer going into week ten of the bluefin season when the quota drops from three fish to one fish per day...

  • One For The Money show

    One For The Money

    The competition has been fierce all season, and with the clock ticking, the pressure to catch pushes captains and crew to...