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  • Chasing Ghosts show

    Chasing Ghosts

    As winter takes its hold, the independent-minded citizens of Port Protection turn to each other to keep their community thriving.

  • The Power of One show

    The Power of One

    Living in Port Protection is a never-ending education on the art of survival, and residents must use their own creativity to...

  • No Place Like Home show

    No Place Like Home

    With winter looming, the residents of Port Protection must rely on each other to prepare for the harsh months ahead.

  • Ford Model A show

    Ford Model A

    Tim and Fuzz have travelled to Milton Keynes to try and rescue Craig's 1930 Ford Model A, an historic car with an impressive...

  • Toyota Celica show

    Toyota Celica

    Tim and Fuzz travel to Northern Ireland to take on a 1972 Generation 1 Toyota Celica a rare Japanese coupe that has seen...

  • Triumph Tr4 show

    Triumph Tr4

    Tim and Fuzz take on 63 year old Kel's 1962 Triumph TR4. Kel bought his beloved British roadster back in the 1970s and it...

  • Peugeot 504 show

    Peugeot 504

    Tim and Fuzz have taken on a 1972 Peugeot 504 cabriolet - a rare French grand tourer that is considered by many to be the most...

  • Lotus Elise show

    Lotus Elise

    Tim and Fuzz take on the restoration of a lightweight British pocket rocket , a 1997 Lotus Elise. The car's owner, 44 year old...

  • Outcasts Rising show

    Outcasts Rising

    The south of the kingdom has become a wasteland and young alpha Wame desperately seeks water for her dogs, but she suffers...

  • Line of Fire show

    Line of Fire

    As Mombo burns, lioness Thata risks everything to save her pride, but it comes at a terrible price.

  • Death of A Dream show

    Death of A Dream

    Lioness Tsebe holds the Northern Brothers at bay until they prove worthy to father her new dynasty.

  • The Rebellion show

    The Rebellion

    The forest residents turn on orphaned leopard Motsidi, meanwhile, the hyenas cause havoc, exploiting African wild dog Mogolo's...

  • A Mother's Sacrifice show

    A Mother's Sacrifice

    Lioness Tsebe must choose between her pride's safety and her own freedom, meanwhile Motsidi struggles to control her late...

  • Bob Ballard: An Explorer's Life show

    Bob Ballard: An Explorer's Life

    He Revealed some of the ocean's deepest secrets-the Titanic, the Bismarck and new forms of life at hydrothermal vents. And the...

  • Drain The Arctic show

    Drain The Arctic

    Combining undersea exploration with innovative visualisations, Drain The Oceans reveals hidden evidence of amazing undersea...

  • Drain The Mississippi show

    Drain The Mississippi

    Combining undersea exploration with innovative visualisations, Drain The Oceans reveals hidden evidence of amazing undersea...

  • Mexico show


    Gordon Ramsay discovers the culinary secrets of the country’s legendary Oaxaca region, where mole reigns supreme. In...

  • Smoky Mountains show

    Smoky Mountains

    Gordon Ramsay is pushed to his limits in the Smoky Mountains. In his quest to unearth the region’s culinary secrets, Gordon...

  • Iceland show


    Gordon Ramsay heads to the land of fire and ice during the Icelandic summer to learn secret cooking techniques utilizing the...

  • Curse of The Mummy show

    Curse of The Mummy

    Archaeologists search Egypts ancient burial grounds to solve the mysteries of the most intriguing artifacts of all: mummies.