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  • Egypt with the World's Greatest Explorer show

    Egypt with the World's Greatest Explorer

    The 'World's Greatest Living Explorer', Sir Ranulph Fiennes, is returning to the scene of one of his earliest feats - his 1968...

  • Unlikely Animal Friends Compilation show

    Unlikely Animal Friends Compilation

    Unlikely Animal Friends documents heartwarming tales about special friendships an animal forms with either an animal of a...

  • Hitler's Last Stand show

    Hitler's Last Stand

    On June 6th, 1944, the Allies finally land troops in Normandy to open the western front. But after the surprise of the D-Day...

  • Primal Survivor show

    Primal Survivor

    Primal Survivor tracks wilderness guide and survival instructor Hazen Audel as he tackles some of mankind's most rigorous...

  • Wild Arctic show

    Wild Arctic

    At the very top of our planet lies one of the natural world's most unique habitats, inhabited by some of its deadliest, and...

  • Mummy Mysteries show

    Mummy Mysteries

    On the western steppes of China, a remarkable find questions the origins of the Chinese race. Across the moors of Northern...

  • Road To Redemption show

    Road To Redemption

    The future is uncertain for crews on Wicked Pissah and Pinwheel after weeks of not getting along and not bringing home big...

  • Point Break show

    Point Break

    Coming into week twelve, there are several boats in the fleet that have been struggling lately.

  • Mutiny On The Water show

    Mutiny On The Water

    When Captain Tyler McLaughlin arrives at the dock, ready to go fishing, he gets a nasty surprise.

  • Fishin' Friction show

    Fishin' Friction

    It's the halfway point of the season, and with the pressure for bluefin intensifying, tensions rise for captains and their crews.

  • A Fin And A Prayer show

    A Fin And A Prayer

    There are three weeks left in the Bluefin tuna fishing season as the fleet battles for final paychecks and the title of top...

  • Ultimate Battleships show

    Ultimate Battleships

    In 1916, HMAS Australia joined the violent sea battle, the Battle of Jutland. Now, historians drain the North Sea to find out...

  • Malaysia Airlines 370 show

    Malaysia Airlines 370

    Where is Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370? How did MH370 crash without a trace and why has modern technology failed to pinpoint...

  • Deadly Go Round show

    Deadly Go Round

    Just minutes from touching down, China Airlines Flight 140 falls out of the sky at Japan's Nagoya Airport.

  • Dead of Winter show

    Dead of Winter

    En route to Boise, Idaho, Continental Airlines Flight 1713 barely lifts off the ground before its banks sharply and crashes.

  • Renault 5 Gt Turbo show

    Renault 5 Gt Turbo

    Tim and Fuzz have taken on a legendary 1980s French hot hatch, the mighty Renault 5 GT Turbo. The car's owner, Ben, was part...

  • Jaguar Mk. 2 show

    Jaguar Mk. 2

    Tony's Jaguar MK2 has sat neglected for nearly two decades. With Fuzz battling to start the Jag’s engine and Tim having to...

  • Wild Great Britain show

    Wild Great Britain

    Britain's wildlife can be secretive, so often goes unnoticed. This series reveals the hidden lives of both the familiar and...

  • Herod's Lost Tomb show

    Herod's Lost Tomb

    Herod the Great is one of the Old Testament’s worst villains, best known for ordering the massacre of all male children in...

  • Ultimate Airport Dubai Compilation show

    Ultimate Airport Dubai Compilation

    Dubai International is one of the fastest growing travel hubs in the world. Worldwide, Dubai International is the fourth...