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  • Sharks Under Attack show

    Sharks Under Attack

    Sharks as heroes? Instagram star and underwater photographer Brian Skerry is on a mission to change how you think about these...

  • Orangutan On The Edge show

    Orangutan On The Edge

    National Geographic photojournalist Tim Laman is on a mission to reveal new threats to wild orangutans and their rain forest...

  • Operation Sumatran Rhino show

    Operation Sumatran Rhino

    In Borneo, Sumatran rhinos’ numbers are down to just single digits. Conservationists are on a desperate mission to save the...

  • Leopards At The Door show

    Leopards At The Door

    When National Geographic photographers go on assignment, it’s not just a job — it’s a mission. Covering stories that are...

  • Mission Critical show

    Mission Critical

    When National Geographic photographers go on assignment, it’s not just a job—it’s a mission. Covering stories that are...

  • Lawless Oceans show

    Lawless Oceans

    Over six gripping episodes Karsten von Hoesslin investigates a murder at sea and reveals the shocking extent of maritime crime...

  • China's Ghost Army show

    China's Ghost Army

    Since being unearthed in 1974, experts have attempted to resolve an enduring enigma about one of archaeology’s greatest...

  • The Headhunters of Nagaland show

    The Headhunters of Nagaland

    Bordered by the Himalayas and the tropical jungles of Indochina, north-east India is a meeting point for many of the area's...

  • The Great Indian Plains show

    The Great Indian Plains

    The Thar is known as the Great Indian Desert. Scorched by a near-permanent drought, it's India's most inhospitable region.

  • Kipling's Paradise show

    Kipling's Paradise

    The Western Ghats are amongst Earth's most biodiverse regions, and these mountains are the birthplace for many of India's...

  • India's Lost Worlds show

    India's Lost Worlds

    India is an exotic and dramatic nation, awash with colour and mystery. Perhaps best known for its temples and tigers,...

  • Vanished show


    Finding no evidence of his son Cody Dial after he goes missing in the jungles of Costa Rica, Roman Dial begins a new search to...

  • The Interrogation show

    The Interrogation

    Ken and Carson must interrogate Pata de Lora to determine whether he’s the prime suspect or the prime witness.

  • Prime Suspect show

    Prime Suspect

    After Cody Dial’s backpack turns up, confirming that he made it out of the jungle alive, investigators search for clues in town.

  • Into The Jungle show

    Into The Jungle

    In order to find out what happened to Cody Dial, Ken follows Pata de Lora, the last person to see Cody alive, into the jungle...

  • Disappeared: The Search For Cody Dial show

    Disappeared: The Search For Cody Dial

    In July of 2014 Cody Roman Dial Jr., the son of legendary explorer, Roman Dial Sr., vanished trying to complete a solo trek in...

  • Clash of Kings show

    Clash of Kings

    35-year-old silverback Titus battles to retain his primacy as his son Rano strives to unseat him. In the lowlands, Kingo has...

  • Brother Against Brother show

    Brother Against Brother

    A chimp tribe with an embattled leader, scheming challenger, wise old females and clinging infants shows parallels to human...

  • Kingdom of The Apes show

    Kingdom of The Apes

    Deep in the disappearing jungles of Africa, the secrets of the most mesmerizing and endangered creatures on this planet are...

  • The Writing on the Wall show

    The Writing on the Wall

    It's something the human race has been striving for since the dawn of our species. Through wireless connections and mobile...