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  • Silent Biter show

    Silent Biter

    Cesar helps a couple who are afraid for their young son because their poodle chihuahua mix feels the need to protect his...

  • In Sickness & Health show

    In Sickness & Health

    A pitbull's aggression is fueled by her owner's fear of the future, and an overly-energetic Frenchie eats everything in sight,...

  • The Pursuit show

    The Pursuit

    The next generation of Alaskans must rise to the challenge that Mother Nature throws at them in order to survive.

  • Call of the Wolf show

    Call of the Wolf

    Nature’s bounty shifts with the change of seasons, and the next generation seeks out its rewards and must anticipate the...

  • Highwater Harvest show

    Highwater Harvest

    It’s spring and by hell or high water the next generation will stop at nothing to replenish their vital meat stores and reap...

  • Nature's Mercy show

    Nature's Mercy

    The best way to survive harsh winters in Alaska is to prepare. With grit and determination, Kaleb traverses dangerous terrain...

  • Frozen Footsteps show

    Frozen Footsteps

    As the temperatures continue to drop, Alaskans must do what’s necessary to get prepared for winter’s onslaught. Nathan and...

  • All Bark And No Pup show

    All Bark And No Pup

    Two orphaned moose calves adjust to their new home, a sea lion endures a long pregnancy, and a juvenile bald eagle gets a...

  • Thrills And Quills show

    Thrills And Quills

    Rescued harbor seal pups, a great blue heron and a three-legged porcupine defy the odds and make Alaskan conservation history.

  • Duck, Duck, Moose! show

    Duck, Duck, Moose!

    Wild animals big and small need help! A snowshoe hare needs a home, a bald eagle's 4 foot wing is injured, and a massive elk...

  • The Final Push show

    The Final Push

    With stage one nearing its end, an unexpected roadblock throws a wrench in the race.

  • Drain The Arctic show

    Drain The Arctic

    Combining undersea exploration with innovative visualisations, Drain The Oceans reveals hidden evidence of amazing undersea...

  • Red Boat Revenge show

    Red Boat Revenge

    Four-time champion Captain Greg Mayer aims to retake the lead, while Captain Robert Earl knows, "A Fish a Day Keeps the Frenzy...

  • No Time For A Slump show

    No Time For A Slump

    Pinwheel’s Tyler McLaughlin may be in last place now, but the former northern and southern champion spells trouble for the...

  • Ultimate Champion show

    Ultimate Champion

    It’s the last day of fishing and every boat is out trying to make one final paycheck and possibly secure the title -...

  • Hindenburg: The New Evidence show

    Hindenburg: The New Evidence

    Shot by amateur photographer Harold Schenck and never seen by government investigators in 1937, Hindenburg has remained...

  • The Animal Within show

    The Animal Within

    Nature has manufactured the perfect machines. Eons of beta testing has gone into them: animal versus animal, versus element,...

  • Colossal Machines show

    Colossal Machines

    Discover the engineering secrets of massive machines that help us explore space. The NASA Crawler, capable of delivering the...

  • Red Sea Explored - Episode 2 show

    Red Sea Explored - Episode 2

    Our oceans are not just beautiful sources of entertainment and recreation, but they help regulate the climate, are an...

  • Called to the Wild show

    Called to the Wild

    In each episode, we will have 3 teams of one person and one dog. This is 10 days survival challenge, a competition, and one...