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  • World's Biggest Hammerhead show

    World's Biggest Hammerhead

    This shark's unusual name comes from the unusual shape of its head, an amazing piece of anatomy built to maximize the fish's...

  • Down To The Wire show

    Down To The Wire

    With final paychecks on the line, big fish on the hook and so little time, a fight to the finish is the only guarantee.

  • A Water & Power: California Heist show

    A Water & Power: California Heist

    The story of how a handful of water barons gained control of the state’s most precious resource, while drought left local...

  • Drain Egypt's Sunken City show

    Drain Egypt's Sunken City

    Historic texts tell of a mighty Ancient Egyptian city in the Nile delta. Celebrated as a trade hub and visited by Greek gods...

  • Expedition Mars: Spirit & Opportunity show

    Expedition Mars: Spirit & Opportunity

    NASA lost contact with Spirit in 2011. Now, Opportunity, has been out of touch with Earth since June of 2018. NASA says good...

  • The, Kangaroo Mob show

    The, Kangaroo Mob

    Wildlife zoologist Jack Randall journeys deep into the Australian outback to fulfill his lifelong dream of being accepted into...

  • Dope In The Hood show

    Dope In The Hood

    HSI in California organizes undercover drug buys with numerous traffickers. CBP El Paso intercepts Coyotes heading back into...

  • Food Factory - Season 2 show

    Food Factory - Season 2

    Behind each bag of chips, can of beer, bar of chocolate, and loaf of bread is a mega-industrial production line that brings...

  • You're The Rhino I Want! show

    You're The Rhino I Want!

    Love is in the air at ZooTampa, but One-horned Rhino Johnny misses his love connection, while RanDee the Orangutan is learning...

  • David Rocco's Dolce Africa Nairobi show

    David Rocco's Dolce Africa Nairobi

    David Rocco's Dolce Africa tells the lesser-known stories of the world's oldest continent. From ancient tribal villages and...

  • Fighting Spirit show

    Fighting Spirit

    For the sake of their baby’s safety and their dog’s future, Cesar helps a couple’s adopted dog that guards food on the...

  • Bite Club show

    Bite Club

    A Border Collie’s aggressive behavior causes the family to be isolated, and a Chihuahua guards her food, literally biting...

  • Who's Afraid of the Bark? show

    Who's Afraid of the Bark?

    Cesar works with a pair of anti-social Chihuahuas and their locked-down pet parents who have no clue how to reign in their...

  • Won't You Bite My Neighbor? show

    Won't You Bite My Neighbor?

    A Boston Terrier obsessively fights the Akita next door and strains a marriage. Two mixed Terriers terrorize the neighborhood...

  • You're Owl I Need show

    You're Owl I Need

    A starving sea otter with a severe paw injury, three undersized owlets, and a surprise baby reindeer need to put on the pounds...

  • Alaska & The Wild's Beyond show

    Alaska & The Wild's Beyond

    Alaska, Canada, Norway, and the Arctic are some of the coldest and most remote areas on earth. The animals that call these...

  • Can't DNEye Us vs SDBNA show

    Can't DNEye Us vs SDBNA

    Can’t DNEye Us take on SDBNA in a series of mind-bending games.

  • Scotland's Sea Secrets show

    Scotland's Sea Secrets

    During the First World War, two powerful warships, HMS Hampshire and HMS Vanguard, sank in controversial circumstances off the...

  • World's Weirdest Snakes show

    World's Weirdest Snakes

    World’s Deadliest Snakes reveals the secrets behind some of the stealthiest predators on the planet, from snakes that strike...

  • Asia's Wild Secrets Monsoon Life show

    Asia's Wild Secrets Monsoon Life

    Every animal in Asia has a story to tell about water.