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  • China's Ghost Army show

    China's Ghost Army

    Since being unearthed in 1974, experts have attempted to resolve an enduring enigma about one of archaeology’s greatest...

  • Desert Lands of The Middle East - Wild Egypt show

    Desert Lands of The Middle East - Wild Egypt

    Where rain rarely falls and the sun blisters the land, something special is needed to bring a country to life. As if by a...

  • Extream Ice show

    Extream Ice

    In the extreme, ice-bound regions of the earth, something unprecedented is happening. Everywhere, glaciers and ice sheets have...

  • The March of Freedom show

    The March of Freedom

    Morgan travels around the world in search of a greater understanding of the concept of Freedom. It seems to be a constant...

  • First Blood show

    First Blood

    Neo must prepare for life as a solitary assassin, but his future hangs in the balance.

  • Reign of Traitors show

    Reign of Traitors

    The Marsh Pride reaches breaking point.

  • Witch Hunt show

    Witch Hunt

    Ware travels to Papua New Guinea to investigate one of the country’s highly controversial practices: Women who are thought...

  • Paparazzi! show


    Ware is embedded with paparazzi to find out what exactly they go through to get the photos fans crave.

  • The Hot Springs Pack show

    The Hot Springs Pack

    A family of wild dogs - the Hot Springs Pack - is in trouble when three of the adults choose to strike out on their own. The...

  • Big Cat Battlefield show

    Big Cat Battlefield

    A 24 hour journey through the kingdom of cats, where cheetahs, leopards, jaguars, lions and servals out-hunt and out-compete...

  • A Water & Power: California Heist show

    A Water & Power: California Heist

    The story of how a handful of water barons gained control of the state’s most precious resource, while drought left local...

  • Frozen Islands show

    Frozen Islands

    Sub-Antarctica is peppered by a scattering of tiny islands, inhospitable to man but crucial to the survival of millions of...

  • Africa's Deadliest show

    Africa's Deadliest

    In the battlegrounds of Botswana, it takes cunning, power and ingenuity to survive. This 3 part series explores how hunters...

  • From Communism To Terrorism show

    From Communism To Terrorism

    Nat Geo's 6-part series "1989," debuts with a dramatic look at a year of revolution around the world. Soviet leader Mikhail...

  • From The Dawn of Digital show

    From The Dawn of Digital

    We didn't know it then, but in 1989, the digital age had begun. It was the year the first modern GPS satellites roamed above...

  • Buried Secrets of The Gold Rush show

    Buried Secrets of The Gold Rush

    The streets of San Francisco, the Sacramento River and the icy wasters of the Klondike are drained to tell the true story of...

  • The Secrets of Pomepeii's Dead show

    The Secrets of Pomepeii's Dead

    New discoveries at Pompeii and Herculaneum reveal the identities and final moments of those trapped during the eruption of a...

  • 24 Hours of Reality show

    24 Hours of Reality

    The climate crisis is not only the greatest existential crisis we face: it is also causing a global health emergency.”

  • Death of The Pyramids show

    Death of The Pyramids

    Archaeologists hunt for clues to explain the abandoning of the pyramids. They unearth tactics used to protect mummies and find...

  • Ramses: Egypt's Greatest Dynasty show

    Ramses: Egypt's Greatest Dynasty

    Archaeologists investigate ancient Egypt’s mightiest pharaoh, Ramses the Great. Teams excavate buried tombs and make...