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  • Super Typhoon Terror show

    Super Typhoon Terror

    A super typhoon in the Pacific creates havoc in the rough seas of the deadliest fishing ground in the world - the Bering Sea....

  • The Brotherhood show

    The Brotherhood

    To see them stride across the Mara is a spectacle indeed. An undeniable band-of-brothers, these males significantly enhance...

  • Mega Trouble show

    Mega Trouble

    When blizzards bring chaos to Norway’s roads, Thord and his A-Team battle to save a jack-knifed truck from tipping over

  • National Day Special show

    National Day Special

    National Geographic Abu Dhabi brings 9 hours of special programs on UAE National Day.

  • Canine Gets A Witness show

    Canine Gets A Witness

    An orangutan gives birth on her own terms, a Sun Bear faces his dental woes, and big changes are afoot for the red wolves and...

  • Wolfpack Miracle show

    Wolfpack Miracle

    In this enhanced episode, the monumental birth of four endangered Red Wolf pups marks a historic moment, but an injury could...

  • Gangs show


    Mariana investigates the global surrogacy market to understand how the dream of starting a family is fueling a babies-for-cash...

  • Fight Clubs show

    Fight Clubs

    Mariana investigates underground fight clubs and the push to bring bare-knuckle fighting into the mainstream.

  • Norway show


    This spectacular aerial journey reveals Norway as it’s never been seen before. Flying cameras uncover the engineering behind...

  • Helicopters show


    Helicopters are the machines at the frontlines of every, major emergency and there are 30,000 civilian ones in the world...

  • Airplane Meals show

    Airplane Meals

    Gate Gourmet are the world's largest airline caterers, producing millions of meals from their huge Los Angeles kitchen every...

  • Sneakers show


    In the series exploring cutting-edge manufacturing in America, the new balance flagship factory in Lawrence, Massachusetts is...

  • David Rocco's Dolce Africa Nairobi show

    David Rocco's Dolce Africa Nairobi

    David Rocco's Dolce Africa tells the lesser-known stories of the world's oldest continent. From ancient tribal villages and...

  • Moving Forward show

    Moving Forward

    Cesar helps a grieving couple with their nervous Shar Pei. The death of his pack leader left him feeling lost, which caused...

  • Fighting Spirit show

    Fighting Spirit

    For the sake of their baby’s safety and their dog’s future, Cesar helps a couple’s adopted dog that guards food on the...

  • Barking Mad show

    Barking Mad

    Cesar rehabs two dogs whose barks have bite: a Pit mix that gets so excited she acts like she’s possessed and a miniature...

  • Zombie Fish show

    Zombie Fish

    Time is ticking for the residents of Alaska to stockpile fresh meat for winter. Johnny presses his luck trying to harvest...

  • Priceless show


    Alaska’s harsh dark winter approaches and the Next Generation races the clock in order to survive its wrath. The Millers...

  • Dog Cabin show

    Dog Cabin

    The Next Generation will stop at nothing to secure crucial food stores and supplies no matter the risks at hand.

  • Giving Back show

    Giving Back

    As the icy landscape melts, Alaskans must adapt in order to endure the challenges that lay ahead.