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  • Giving Pack show

    Giving Pack

    Living in fear of their dogs’ escalating hostility, sisters Johanna and Nailah have seen their relationship strained after...

  • Won't You Bite My Neighbor? show

    Won't You Bite My Neighbor?

    A Boston Terrier obsessively fights the Akita next door and strains a marriage. Two mixed Terriers terrorize the neighborhood...

  • Zombie Fish show

    Zombie Fish

    Time is ticking for the residents of Alaska to stockpile fresh meat for winter. Johnny presses his luck trying to harvest...

  • Priceless show


    Alaska’s harsh dark winter approaches and the Next Generation races the clock in order to survive its wrath. The Millers...

  • The Pursuit show

    The Pursuit

    The next generation of Alaskans must rise to the challenge that Mother Nature throws at them in order to survive.

  • Power Under Pressure show

    Power Under Pressure

    Time is running out on seasonal harvests in Alaska and the next generation is forced to work smarter not harder to reap...

  • Dog Cabin show

    Dog Cabin

    The Next Generation will stop at nothing to secure crucial food stores and supplies no matter the risks at hand.

  • Deep Roots show

    Deep Roots

    Spring is on the horizon as new challenges emerge for rural Alaskans. Preparation is key to the success and survival deep in...

  • Ghost Forest show

    Ghost Forest

    As winter gives way to spring, the next generation of Alaskans must adapt to what Mother Nature throws at them or suffer the...

  • Giving Back show

    Giving Back

    As the icy landscape melts, Alaskans must adapt in order to endure the challenges that lay ahead.

  • Highwater Harvest show

    Highwater Harvest

    It’s spring and by hell or high water the next generation will stop at nothing to replenish their vital meat stores and reap...

  • Death Moan show

    Death Moan

    The changing seasons bring risks the next generation has yet to experience deep in the Arctic backcountry.

  • Frozen Footsteps show

    Frozen Footsteps

    As the temperatures continue to drop, Alaskans must do what’s necessary to get prepared for winter’s onslaught. Nathan and...

  • Breaking the Cycle show

    Breaking the Cycle

    Winter has arrived and the next generation of Alaskans must use ingenuity to adapt, survive and thrive. Sonta and Chevie Roach...

  • You're Owl I Need show

    You're Owl I Need

    A starving sea otter with a severe paw injury, three undersized owlets, and a surprise baby reindeer need to put on the pounds...

  • Duck, Duck, Moose! show

    Duck, Duck, Moose!

    Wild animals big and small need help! A snowshoe hare needs a home, a bald eagle's 4 foot wing is injured, and a massive elk...

  • Down To The Wire show

    Down To The Wire

    Over halfway through the race, even the strongest are pushed to their breaking points.

  • Drain The Arctic show

    Drain The Arctic

    Combining undersea exploration with innovative visualisations, Drain The Oceans reveals hidden evidence of amazing undersea...

  • Northern Invasion show

    Northern Invasion

    Northern champions face their Southern rivals in the hunt for bluefin tuna during the Outer Banks winter, where only the...

  • Danger Zone show

    Danger Zone

    As the Northern fleet looks to bounce back from their slow start, the Reel E. Bugging takes a huge risk in an effort to grab...