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  • Blitzkrieg Sharks show

    Blitzkrieg Sharks

    For years, the line between predator and prey had been drawn. Animals were safe on the shore and in the air, the sharks ruled...

  • Crossing The Ice show

    Crossing The Ice

  • Hitler's Buzzsaw show

    Hitler's Buzzsaw

    Hitler's Buzzsaw

  • Going Deep With David Rees show

    Going Deep With David Rees

    Going Deep With David Rees

  • Bridge The Gap show

    Bridge The Gap

    Bridge The Gap

  • Treasure Hunt show

    Treasure Hunt

    Treasure Hunt

  • In Shallow Water show

    In Shallow Water

    Tourists flock to the beaches of North Carolina and Virginia for their safe, calm waters. But beneath the still serenity of...

  • Twice Bitten show

    Twice Bitten

    Two unlucky ocean lovers defy the odds when each of them are attacked twice by sharks. Experts look for clues to connect the...

  • Water Works show

    Water Works

    Life in Alaska never slows down even in winter. Residents build a water catchment system, trap fur, collect logs and rescue an...

  • Not In Our Backyard show

    Not In Our Backyard

    With captains on both North and South hungry for paychecks, a rapidly evaporating fish quota and an angry ocean, can the...

  • New Blood show

    New Blood

    A new bluefin season in the Outer Banks finds Northern boats plagued with a new wicked tough Southern fleet in competition for...

  • No Backing Down show

    No Backing Down

    As wacky weather plagues the Outer Banks the Southern fleet fights to keep the lead, but the Northern boats arent going down...

  • Pay To Play show

    Pay To Play

    Time is money in the search for "blue gold," and as the pressure builds, financial concerns weigh heavy on the captains minds.

  • Fishing Up A Storm show

    Fishing Up A Storm

    In the Outer Banks, weather can change on a dime, and the captains must choose between fight or flight when harsh conditions...

  • Invasion Earth - Episode 4 show

    Invasion Earth - Episode 4

    They might seem like the stuff of science fiction, but the fact remains that a huge amount of cases simply can't be explained...

  • Earthquakes show


    A sudden calamitous event, causing great loss of life, damage, or hardship, like a flood, a tornado, an airplane crash, or an...

  • Hawaii Volcanoes show

    Hawaii Volcanoes

    Witness the natural wonders of Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, a sacred land born of fire and sea. It’s home to the most...

  • Are We Alone? show

    Are We Alone?

    What am I? Why am I here? Are we alone? Over the centuries, history’s greatest thinkers have achieved spectacular scientific...

  • Amsterdam show


    Gok Wan, the fashion star, harbours a secret wish - within the next few years, hell want to buy over his fathers take-away...

  • A Race Against Time show

    A Race Against Time

    After a first season hailed as "the most important television series ever," the Emmy award-winning documentary series, Years...