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  • Running Wild with Bear Grylls show

    Running Wild with Bear Grylls

    Survivalist Bear Grylls returns to the wild with some of Hollywood's most beloved celebrities for a new season of his outdoor...

  • Cocaine Crackdown show

    Cocaine Crackdown

    JFK CBP question an elderly woman arriving from Peru. They suspect narcotics are cleverly concealed in bottles that she's...

  • Narco At Nineteen show

    Narco At Nineteen

    In 2012 Simone Blignaut has a lucrative job working for one of Johannesburg's biggest drug dealers, but when her boss entrusts...

  • Legends of Atlantis show

    Legends of Atlantis

    From underwater pyramids off the coast of Japan to the fabled city of Atlantis itself. Are these truly ancient sites or simply...

  • Brie Larson In The Pearl Islands show

    Brie Larson In The Pearl Islands

    Jumping from a helicopter, trekking through crocodile filled mangroves and deadly tides – Captain Marvel herself takes on a...

  • In Their Own Words show

    In Their Own Words

    In Their Own Words created by Emmy and Peabody Award-winner Tom Jennings is a ground-breaking documentary series in which...

  • Hitler's Jurassic Monsters show

    Hitler's Jurassic Monsters

    Hitler's Jurassic Monsters

  • Creatures of The Moon show

    Creatures of The Moon

    The reefs and coastal forests, beaches, reefs and shallow waters of the Paradise Islands are amongst the richest on earth....

  • Alex Honnold In The Swiss Alps show

    Alex Honnold In The Swiss Alps

    No stranger to dizzying heights, rock climber Alex Honnold joins Bear for an adventure through the craggy valleys and shear...

  • Lost Treasures of Egypt show

    Lost Treasures of Egypt

    An immersive, action-packed and discovery-led series following International teams of Egyptologists as they unearth the...

  • Bobby Bones In Norway Fjords show

    Bobby Bones In Norway Fjords

    US radio personality Bobby Bones joins Bear Grylls in a massive Norwegian Fjord where danger lurks at every turn.

  • Search & Seize show

    Search & Seize

    Search & Seize

  • Channing Tatum In The Mountains of Norway show

    Channing Tatum In The Mountains of Norway

    Channing Tatum returns for his second adventure with Bear Grylls, and this time he's put to the test in the wilds of Norway!

  • Smuggling Newlyweds show

    Smuggling Newlyweds

    Newlyweds are caught smuggling cocaine on their bodies. A nervous woman has cocaine wrapped around her legs. And, a designer...

  • Internal Investigation show

    Internal Investigation

    HSI investigates a suspicious baggage handler at JFK and uncovers an international criminal organization using airline...

  • Air Crash Investigation show

    Air Crash Investigation

    Every time a plane crashes, the world takes notice. And so do the experts whose job it is to figure out what happened. Air...

  • Taxiway Turmoil show

    Taxiway Turmoil

    Blanketed by confusion and heavy fog, a DC-9 ends up at the wrong end of an active runway in Detroit, and directly in the path...

  • Salmon Slaughterhouse show

    Salmon Slaughterhouse

    Survivalist Les Stroud embeds himself in the Alaskan Wild for a close-up look at the survival skills of black bears.

  • Apocalypse: War of Worlds show

    Apocalypse: War of Worlds

    The story of this fantastic period of history between 1945 and 1991, which was defined by the confrontation of two worlds and...

  • Thai Cave Rescue show

    Thai Cave Rescue

    National Geographic goes inside the infamous Thai cave and shares new insights into the deadly mission to rescue a junior...