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  • World Polar Bear Day show

    World Polar Bear Day

    Polar bears are at the top of the food chain and have an important role in the overall health of the marine environment. Over...

  • Nature’s Bounty show

    Nature’s Bounty

    As harsh winter approaches, the next generation of Alaskans use any means necessary to prepare and protect their most valuable...

  • Deadman’s Return show

    Deadman’s Return

    Mother Nature gives the Next Generation a run for their money as they prepare for her wrath. Alex Javor must use his resources...

  • Alaska Animal Rescue show

    Alaska Animal Rescue

    Alaska Animal Rescue is back for another season of excitement as Alaska's conservation heroes return to rescue, rehabilitate,...

  • Cold Catch show

    Cold Catch

    Indigenous Alaskans rely on the lessons of their ancestors to survive and thrive in challenging terrain.

  • Deadly Detour show

    Deadly Detour

    When Proteus Airlines Flight 706 suddenly explodes after deviating from their flight path, investigators turn to a local...

  • Deadly Myth show

    Deadly Myth

    When commuter flight 3272 ends in a harrowing death spiral, it's up to investigators to determine the cause and prevent it...

  • Icy Descent show

    Icy Descent

    En route to Comodora, on the Patagonian coast, SOL Airlines Flight 5428 nosedives into a remote desert, instantly killing...

  • Control Catastrophe show

    Control Catastrophe

    A Kazakh crew manage to land an uncontrollable aircraft and investigators must determine how a freshly-serviced plane was...

  • Bangkok Betrayal show

    Bangkok Betrayal

    Offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to dance in Thailand, Latasha Madson has no idea of the nightmare her life is going...

  • Unlikely Animal Friends show

    Unlikely Animal Friends

  • Primal Survivor show

    Primal Survivor

    Primal Survivor tracks wilderness guide and survival instructor Hazen Audel as he tackles some of mankind's most rigorous...

  • Lawless Oceans show

    Lawless Oceans

    Over six gripping episodes Karsten von Hoesslin investigates a murder at sea and reveals the shocking extent of maritime crime...

  • The Power of Love show

    The Power of Love

    Morgan is on a global quest to understand how this primal force binds us together as a species. He sees how love can be found...

  • The Longest Journey show

    The Longest Journey

    December 1944. A German U-Boat Commander makes an unprecedented voyage to attack Allied shipping off the coast of Australia....

  • Drain Pirate Ships of The Caribbean show

    Drain Pirate Ships of The Caribbean

    Of all the seas in all the world, the Caribbean is the most famous for pirates. Uncovering long lost shipwrecks reveals the...

  • The Wild West show

    The Wild West

    Uncovered clues from a famous Montana battleground, a 19th-century steamboat and a frontier ghost town reveal surprising...

  • Lost Treasures of Egypt show

    Lost Treasures of Egypt

    Egypt is home to the richest source of archaeological treasures on the planet. In this series, our cameras follow teams across...

  • Nazi Kill Zone show

    Nazi Kill Zone

    September 1944. After liberating much of France, Luxembourg and Belgium Allied forces launch General Bernard Montgomery's...

  • Norway's show


    From herding reindeer to scuba diving in wintry waters, Gordon gets to the heart of traditional Norwegian cuisine and where...