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  • Banged Up Abroad: Crime & Punishment show

    Banged Up Abroad: Crime & Punishment

    Each episode of Banged Up Abroad: Crime & Punishment delivers two fast-paced, in-depth accounts of capture, incarceration, and...

  • Rainn Wilson show

    Rainn Wilson

    Bear Grylls inspires Rainn Wilson to work for it by having him search for hidden caches in the aspen forest and alpine terrain...

  • Triple Trafficker Takedown show

    Triple Trafficker Takedown

    The intelligence team of the Federal Police has detected two passengers who could be traveling with drugs, but thanks to the...

  • Family Reunion show

    Family Reunion

    A hyena chased by frightened villagers, a reptile invades a city home. And a lost leopard cub is separated from her mom.

  • Back to the Titanic show

    Back to the Titanic

    Mission Titanic documents the first manned dives to Titanic in nearly 15 years. A team of experts use a specially equipped sub...

  • China's Hidden Kingdom show

    China's Hidden Kingdom

    From its highest of mountains and plateaus to its thickest jungles and bamboo forests, we discover China's hidden kingdoms....

  • X-Ray Earth show

    X-Ray Earth

    A brand new terrestrial laser tool allows us to dissolve the earth's surface, going beyond human perception to see inside the...

  • Internal Investigation show

    Internal Investigation

    HSI investigates a suspicious baggage handler at JFK and uncovers an international criminal organization using airline...

  • Smuggled and Muzzled show

    Smuggled and Muzzled

    CBP Nogales uncovers cocaine in the bumper of a car crossing from Mexico, and CBP Atlanta stops a woman smuggling underaged...

  • Gas Tank Meth show

    Gas Tank Meth

    Even during a pandemic, smuggling never stops. After adjusting tactics in the early days of the COVID crisis to meet the...

  • Breaking the Cycle show

    Breaking the Cycle

    Winter has arrived and the next generation of Alaskans must use ingenuity to adapt, survive and thrive. Sonta and Chevie Roach...

  • The 80s Top Ten show

    The 80s Top Ten

    Rob Lowe revisits the most memorable aspects of ‘80s pop culture as he counts down the top ten toys, commercials, gadgets,...

  • Asia's Wild Secrets: Mountain Survivors show

    Asia's Wild Secrets: Mountain Survivors

    Snow leopards stalk the highest living sheep on earth, while Japanese macaques relax in volcanic hot springs. Giant Pandas...

  • Playing Catch Up show

    Playing Catch Up

    A private jet shuttling business passengers to Akron, Ohio slams into an apartment building less than two miles from the...

  • Mission Disaster show

    Mission Disaster

    On a refuelling mission during the Gulf War, a US Air Force tanker plane loses two engines. The crew struggles to fly their...

  • Mixed Signals show

    Mixed Signals

    Careening into a mountaintop just minutes from the runway, an American charter flight becomes the worst aviation disaster in...

  • Power Play show

    Power Play

    After losing both engines, a turboprop crashes in Papua New Guinea and investigators soon uncover a deadly flaw in an aircraft...

  • Cockpit Catastrophe show

    Cockpit Catastrophe

    When the cockpit window of Sichuan Airlines 8633 explodes, the crew somehow battles gale-force winds and oxygen deprivation to...

  • Don't Tell My Mother show

    Don't Tell My Mother

    Don't Tell My Mother

  • Narco Wine Bust show

    Narco Wine Bust

    Champion skier Nick Brewer worked his way through the dark ranks of the Mediterranean underworld but just as he reached...