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  • The Pursuit show

    The Pursuit

    The next generation of Alaskans must rise to the challenge that Mother Nature throws at them in order to survive.

  • Deep Roots show

    Deep Roots

    Spring is on the horizon as new challenges emerge for rural Alaskans. Preparation is key to the success and survival deep in...

  • Death Moan show

    Death Moan

    The changing seasons bring risks the next generation has yet to experience deep in the Arctic backcountry.

  • The Break In show

    The Break In

    Living in remote Alaska, the dangers never end, no matter the season. With an unwanted visitor, Chevie must protect his family...

  • Thrills And Quills show

    Thrills And Quills

    Rescued harbor seal pups, a great blue heron and a three-legged porcupine defy the odds and make Alaskan conservation history.

  • Wicked Tuna: Outer Bank Showdown show

    Wicked Tuna: Outer Bank Showdown

    It’s winter in the Outer Banks where only the strong survive. This season the Bluefin are bigger, more profitable, and...

  • Big Cat Week show

    Big Cat Week

    National Geographic Abu Dhabi presents a week dedicated to nature's fiercest felines-big cats. These creatures of magnificent...

  • Great Inventions show

    Great Inventions

    We live in a world that our ancestors would barely recognize. Around the globe, landscapes are re-formed, hostile environments...

  • Barking Up the Wrong Tree show

    Barking Up the Wrong Tree

    A homesteader and her 12-year-old terrier, a primitive skills enthusiast and his German Shepherd, and a mountaineer with his...

  • Hidden Secrets of Pompeii show

    Hidden Secrets of Pompeii

    Archaeologists embark on new digs in Pompeii, to unravel the stories of the people that lived and died here. They race against...

  • Glacier Express show

    Glacier Express

    The Glacier Express train in the Swiss Alps is an engineering marvel traveling over treacherous gorges and through huge...

  • Canada's Wilderness Railroad show

    Canada's Wilderness Railroad

    The Winnipeg to Churchill train crosses the province of Manitoba, along a route that requires determination, force, and fire...

  • Off the Land show

    Off the Land

    Indigenous peoples of Alaska must navigate a changing climate using the values of the past as a guide to their future.

  • Warrior Spirit show

    Warrior Spirit

    Generations of Indigenous Peoples work to revive cultural practices once lost to colonization and raise the culture bearers of...

  • Dan Winters: Life is Once. Forever show

    Dan Winters: Life is Once. Forever

    Dan Winters endeavors to capture the apex of human endeavor: the Artemis launch and a long dreamed of personal project: the...

  • Caught On Tape show

    Caught On Tape

    A car dashcam captures stunning footage of the moment TransAsia Flight 235 nosedived into Taipei’s Keelung River. Facing a...

  • Holding Pattern show

    Holding Pattern

    Flydubai Flight 981 nosedives into the runway at Russia’s Rostov airport. And investigators uncover one of the most lethal...

  • Pressure Point show

    Pressure Point

    Slamming into a mountain, Japan Airlines 123 becomes the deadliest single aircraft accident in history, and threatens to...

  • Winnebago show



  • Kamchatka show