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  • Pompeii’s Lost Twin: Herculaneum show

    Pompeii’s Lost Twin: Herculaneum

    The deadly volcanic eruption that buried Pompeii in AD79 also claimed another victim: Herculaneum. Positioned closer to the...

  • Asia's Wild Secrets: Nature's Weirdest show

    Asia's Wild Secrets: Nature's Weirdest

    Meet the rare and unusual creatures that have adapted to island life in Asia’s many unique islands.

  • Mountain Queens show

    Mountain Queens

    A gelada monkey and an Ethiopian wolf fight for their families and their legacy in a world of ancient Ethiopian mountain peaks.

  • Deadly Go Round show

    Deadly Go Round

    Just minutes from touching down, China Airlines Flight 140 falls out of the sky at Japan's Nagoya Airport.

  • Kathmandu Descent show

    Kathmandu Descent

    A Pakistani airliner crashes in the Himalayas. And when their most vital piece of evidence fails to deliver, investigators...

  • Impossible Pitch show

    Impossible Pitch

    A cargo jet plummets to earth in the Swedish Arctic. And as investigators pore over the evidence, a terrifying picture of...

  • Africa's Deadliest show

    Africa's Deadliest

    Spanning 50% of the continent, Africa’s savannahs are home to an exceptionally diverse array of creatures — including...

  • The Eagles show

    The Eagles

    The Eagles

  • Wild Venice show

    Wild Venice

    Wild Venice

  • Sharkatraz show


    The worst of the worst, the toughest of the tough were all sent to The Rock. And they all wanted to escape. But their biggest...

  • Hawaii Volcanoes show

    Hawaii Volcanoes

    Witness the natural wonders of Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, a sacred land born of fire and sea. It’s home to the most...

  • Genius By Stephen Hawking show

    Genius By Stephen Hawking

    What am I? Why am I here? Are we alone? Over the centuries, history’s greatest thinkers have achieved spectacular scientific...

  • Around The World In 80 Dishes show

    Around The World In 80 Dishes

    Manu Feildel is passionate about many things in his life. His family, his adopted home of Australia, his French origins, and...

  • Cobra Chaos show

    Cobra Chaos

    Mbali attempts to catch her first black mamba and Simon and Sioux head to India to rescue some of the world’s deadliest snakes.

  • New Wave Warriors show

    New Wave Warriors

    When we hear all the bad news about how climate change, pollution and overfishing are destroying marine habitats, it's easy to...

  • Savage Kingdom: Uprising show

    Savage Kingdom: Uprising

    Sekekama, the undisputed King of the Marsh Pride, must contend with rivals to his throne. His three rising Princes are hungry...

  • Mars: Inside Space X show

    Mars: Inside Space X

    Compilation of the best parts of Space X from Mars season 1 and new Falcon Heavy footage.

  • Legends of Atlantis show

    Legends of Atlantis

    From underwater pyramids off the coast of Japan to the fabled city of Atlantis itself. Are these truly ancient sites or simply...

  • Sunken Treasures show

    Sunken Treasures

    Using the latest underwater scanning technology and computer graphics, marine archaeologists and treasure hunters go in search...

  • Lost Nukes of The Cold War show

    Lost Nukes of The Cold War

    Conducted in secret beneath the waves, The Cold War was the world’s first nuclear armed confrontation and also the most...