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  • Blood In The Water show

    Blood In The Water

    It’s a game changer going into week ten of the bluefin season when the quota drops from three fish to one fish per day...

  • The Enemy Among Us show

    The Enemy Among Us

    As the season opens, Gloucesters elite get challenged by top new fishermen. Captain Bob Cook and his crew on Fat Tuna vow to...

  • Kraken The Code show

    Kraken The Code

    With more boats on the water and a small quota getting filled up, the need to find a prime fishing location becomes more vital...

  • Angry Waters show

    Angry Waters

    When one bluefin could change your season, fishermen have to go out every single day or risk falling behind. But when a storm...

  • All Out of Tomorrows show

    All Out of Tomorrows

    Only 48 hours are left to secure final paychecks with newcomer Kraken leading the fleet. Now the pressure is on for the...

  • Best Laid Plans show

    Best Laid Plans

    The captains work to find a strategy that will maximize catches, and profits, in an attempt to play it smart during uncertain...

  • The Next Generation show

    The Next Generation

    In one of the toughest Wicked Tuna seasons, can the next generation of Gloucester fishermen rise to the challenge and bring...

  • Back on the Hunt show

    Back on the Hunt

    Bluefin season in Gloucester is open and the fleet is ready to bounce back from last year’s low prices and cash in on a...

  • Comeback Kings show

    Comeback Kings

    The competition is tougher than ever and fights to prove they can be a threat again, hitting every speedbump on...

  • Mutiny show


    After catching only one fish through the first half of the season, frustrations boil over on the Wicked Pissah.

  • Marciano On Deck show

    Marciano On Deck

    After missing several trips with the boys, Dave Marciano returns to the Hard Merch to prove his worth.

  • No Time To Loose show

    No Time To Loose

    In a neck-and-neck race for the top spot, the fleet strategizes where to fish as they anticipate an announcement about the...

  • Family Guns show

    Family Guns

  • King Fisher Teams show

    King Fisher Teams

    Meet the people and teams as they show off the results of their hard work.

  • Super Senses show

    Super Senses

    An exploration of how the brain works, focusing on how the mind can be manipulated to see things that are not there.

  • Abandoned show


  • Cheetah : Fatal Instinct show

    Cheetah : Fatal Instinct

    Cheetah : Fatal Instinct

  • Raining Fire show

    Raining Fire

  • None Of The Above show

    None Of The Above

  • Original Fight Club show

    Original Fight Club

    Original Fight Club