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  • Trouble In Socal show

    Trouble In Socal

    From 2014-2015, Southern California is the site of an alarming spike of twelve shark attacks. Shark experts attempt to...

  • Tropical Terror show

    Tropical Terror

    The Big Island of Hawaii is one the country's most popular tourist destinations, thanks to its turquoise waters and warm,...

  • Red Terror show

    Red Terror

    In December 2010 sharks turn the tropic resort of Sharm El Sheikh Egypt into a predator's killing zone. 5 attacks in less than...

  • Four Strike Summer show

    Four Strike Summer

    The North Carolina coastline is one the country's most popular tourist destinations, thanks to its warm waters and powder...

  • Carnage in California show

    Carnage in California

    Los Angeles is home to beautiful beaches and Hollywood blockbusters but in the Summer of 2007 a dark story emerged from the...

  • Home Strange Home show

    Home Strange Home

    Home Strange Home

  • Curing Cancer show

    Curing Cancer

    Using T cells taken from cancer patients and deactivated HIV virus, maverick doctors have created a stunning new therapy for a...

  • Power To The People show

    Power To The People

    The world’s electric grids are aging and vulnerable. Now, engineers are making a dangerous trek to prove there is a better...

  • Cost of The Paradise show

    Cost of The Paradise

    As winter approaches in Port Protection, residents must be prepared or face dire consequences. Open deer season provides Gary...

  • Chasing Ghosts show

    Chasing Ghosts

    As winter takes its hold, the independent-minded citizens of Port Protection turn to each other to keep their community thriving.

  • No Pain show

    No Pain

    Dodging disaster and surviving in Port Protection requires its residents to be masters of hunting, gathering and building.

  • On The Edge show

    On The Edge

    In the season finale, as winter nears its end the residents of Port Protection prove themselves worthy adversaries to its...

  • Bear Hunt Revisited show

    Bear Hunt Revisited

    The residences come together, combining old wisdom with youthful strength to ensure the future of Port Protection. Sam, Carl...

  • Wild Yellowstone show

    Wild Yellowstone

    Wild Yellowstone

  • Old Golly Whopper show

    Old Golly Whopper

    It’s the toughest Carolina Bluefin Season yet and with half of the quota caught and time running out, every boat on the...

  • The Home Run show

    The Home Run

    With the quota extended yet again, the season is beginning to stretch on for some of these exhausted fishermen. And while...

  • Family Pride show

    Family Pride

    Will the greenstick continue to give the Little Shell an edge, or will his more traditional rod-and-reel rivals prove...

  • Hard Times At Sea show

    Hard Times At Sea

    An emergency leaves the Hot Tuna crew down a man, pushing the father and son team to the limit. While most of the remaining...

  • Invasion Earth - Episode 7 show

    Invasion Earth - Episode 7

    They might seem like the stuff of science fiction, but the fact remains that a huge amount of cases simply can't be explained...

  • The Shake Up show

    The Shake Up

    Lukrum pushes their corporate interest too far and jeopardises both colonies. In the present, NASA is focused on our planet...