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  • Off the Land show

    Off the Land

    Indigenous peoples of Alaska must navigate a changing climate using the values of the past as a guide to their future.

  • Sea of Ice show

    Sea of Ice

    Indigenous Peoples of Alaska must race against the short days of winter to secure food for their families and communities.

  • Sign of Good Luck show

    Sign of Good Luck

    Alaska’s Indigenous Peoples face new challenges as arctic resources that have been relied on for centuries begin to disappear.

  • Uncertainty of the Future show

    Uncertainty of the Future

    The spring thaw brings new opportunities for Alaska’s Indigenous People, but also unforeseen dangers.

  • Warrior Spirit show

    Warrior Spirit

    Generations of Indigenous Peoples work to revive cultural practices once lost to colonization and raise the culture bearers of...

  • Captain & Striker show

    Captain & Striker

    With winter behind them, the Indigenous Peoples of Alaska embrace the warmer weather with new projects and obstacles.

  • Against the Wind show

    Against the Wind

    Indigenous Peoples of Alaska rebuild their communities after Typhoon Merbok. John and Teresa Pingayak travel to camp to assess...

  • Kyrgyztan show


    Dwayne must cross Kyrgyzstan to reach nomads leaving their camp for winter.

  • Ultimate Space Telescope show

    Ultimate Space Telescope

    The world’s most complex and innovative space telescope is peering into corners of the cosmos never before seen. Witness the...

  • Making the Wish: Disney’s Newest Cruise Ship show

    Making the Wish: Disney’s Newest Cruise Ship

    At a two-centuries-old shipyard on Germany’s North Sea, a marvel of modern engineering is taking shape. Hundreds of...

  • Road To D-Day show

    Road To D-Day

    Matching archive film and photography to their original locations, this series charts the most extraordinary events of WWII...

  • Dambusters show


    1943 – Allied commanders assemble the crème de la crème of their air forces to attempt one of the most audacious bombing...

  • Cocaine Guerillas show

    Cocaine Guerillas

    A maverick group of DEA agents uncovers the huge scale of guerrilla group, the FARC’s involvement in narcotics, then teams...

  • Made in America show

    Made in America

    Brought up in Laredo on the Texas-Mexican border, American-born Edgar Valdez-Villareal, aka La Barbie, shows early promise as...

  • Killer Coast show

    Killer Coast

    In the finale of his epic journey across S. America, Hazen Audel faces the perils of the Pacific Coast as he battles to reach...

  • Revenge show


    President Kennedy’s body arrives back in Washington, and a grieving Jackie Kennedy leads the funeral march to honor him. In...

  • Chasing the African Rains show

    Chasing the African Rains

    Join the animals learning to live life on the move as they chase the rains on the African savannah.

  • Paul Nicklen & Cristina Mittermeier: Win or Die show

    Paul Nicklen & Cristina Mittermeier: Win or Die

    Paul Nicklen and Cristina Mittermeier sail to the Bahamas to photograph a spectacular underwater world threatened by big oil.

  • Social Networkers show

    Social Networkers

    The octopus was thought to be nature’s ultimate loner – now its secret social life is revealed.

  • Rhino Mountain show

    Rhino Mountain

    Hazen Audel hits Hell’s Gate gorge searching for black rhino. Forest foragers send him to a deep cave network on the trail...