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  • Doldrums And Dog Days show

    Doldrums And Dog Days

    It’s the mid point and time for the captains to take stock of the season so far. For those at the top of the fleet, it’s...

  • The Time Is Now show

    The Time Is Now

    It's the last week of the season and with days running out to produce, the Gloucester captains battle it out for their final...

  • Fish Or Famine show

    Fish Or Famine

    Without its first fish of the season, Captain Dave and his crew struggle and others in the fleet are ready to take full advantage.

  • Worst To First show

    Worst To First

    The Gloucester is back for another season with the biggest paydays they've ever seen and the most toxic voyages in Wicked Tuna...

  • Smoke On The Water show

    Smoke On The Water

    It's week seven of fishing and boats are teaming up to share information, in a bid to catch more fish.

  • Two For The Money show

    Two For The Money

    While things are looking up for the Dot Com, engine troubles on the Hard Merchandise make them the weak link in a...

  • Point Break show

    Point Break

    Coming into week twelve, there are several boats in the fleet that have been struggling lately.

  • Wicked Waves show

    Wicked Waves

    Stormy seas are on the horizon and when Mother Nature decides to flip her switch, the fleet must decide whether to stay and...

  • The Enemy Among Us show

    The Enemy Among Us

    As the season opens, Gloucesters elite get challenged by top new fishermen. Captain Bob Cook and his crew on Fat Tuna vow to...

  • Kraken The Code show

    Kraken The Code

    With more boats on the water and a small quota getting filled up, the need to find a prime fishing location becomes more vital...

  • Back To Business show

    Back To Business

    There is a glut of bluefin on the market and prices sink. So in an unprecedented move, there is a fishing shutdown in the...

  • All Out of Tomorrows show

    All Out of Tomorrows

    Only 48 hours are left to secure final paychecks with newcomer Kraken leading the fleet. Now the pressure is on for the...

  • Shane Untamed show

    Shane Untamed

  • Chasing UFOs show

    Chasing UFOs

  • Meet The Brain show

    Meet The Brain

    An exploration of how the brain works, focusing on how the mind can be manipulated to see things that are not there.

  • Inside the American Mob show

    Inside the American Mob

    By 1970, the American mob is the most powerful criminal enterprise in the United States, a sprawling empire of crime, power...

  • Alaska Wing Men show

    Alaska Wing Men

    Alaska Wing Men

  • Killing Kennedy show

    Killing Kennedy

    Killing Kennedy

  • Master Blaster show

    Master Blaster

  • Fire & Water show

    Fire & Water