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  • The Case show

    The Case

    Karsten interviews witnesses to learn more about the murders. Looking for a motive, he goes to the Seychelles and encounters...

  • The Crime show

    The Crime

    Investigator Karsten von Hoesslin travels the world to learn who killed four men at sea. His first clue is mobile footage that...

  • The Witness show

    The Witness

    The investigation takes off. In the Philippines, Karsten hunts for witnesses and explores the brutal world of illegal fishing...

  • The Camel Milk Man show

    The Camel Milk Man

    Jeremy is hitting the road for a rookie attempt at wrangling critters great and small. First up: visiting a working camel...

  • The Lion Dentist show

    The Lion Dentist

    Jeremy visits a drive-through safari park to give a sedated lion a check-up, feed the chimps and meet with a newborn giraffe!

  • Pablo Picasso show

    Pablo Picasso

    Antonio Banderas is Picasso in the second season of Genius.

  • A Water & Power: California Heist show

    A Water & Power: California Heist

    The story of how a handful of water barons gained control of the state’s most precious resource, while drought left local...

  • Alaska's Grizzly Gauntlet show

    Alaska's Grizzly Gauntlet

    Survival expert Les Stroud explores the world of Alaska's most formidable wildlife and uncovers the secrets.

  • Crucial Year show

    Crucial Year

    Take a look at some of the protagonists of one of the most important years in the modern history.

  • From If It World In Revolution show

    From If It World In Revolution

    National Geographic's 6-part series debuts with a dramatic look at a year of revolution around the world. From the brave...

  • WWII Relics show

    WWII Relics

    Check out these images of forgotten megastructures of World War Two.

  • Drain Egypt's Sunken City show

    Drain Egypt's Sunken City

    Historic texts tell of a mighty Ancient Egyptian city in the Nile delta. Celebrated as a trade hub and visited by Greek gods...

  • Jaguar Beach Battle show

    Jaguar Beach Battle

    There is a beach in Costa Rica that challenges what we think we know about big cats. Americas largest cat, the jaguar, is...

  • Animal Portraits show

    Animal Portraits

    Take a look at these animals from the most popular zoos.

  • Jane Goodall: The Hope show

    Jane Goodall: The Hope

    Jane Using a trove of newer-before-seen footage, the film tells the story of Jane's early explorations and research in...

  • Egypt From Above show

    Egypt From Above

    A spectacular aerial journey across Egypt reveals how the River Nile was the key to the ancients' empire and why it is still...

  • Croc Out of Water show

    Croc Out of Water

    The Dry Season in Australia's Northern Territory is in full swing. Fires scorch the earth - rivers slow to a trickle and...

  • Ranch Rampage show

    Ranch Rampage

    Managers of Victoria River Downs Ranch; Rusty and Julie haven't had trouble with Crocs for years. But recently a number of big...

  • Mighty Machines show

    Mighty Machines

    Check out the images of these remarkable engineering pieces.

  • Lamborghini Huracan Performante show

    Lamborghini Huracan Performante

    Ralph and his two teams build vehicles out of scrap to take on Shane's Lamborghini Huracan Performante in a timed-lap showdown.