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  • Herod's Lost Tomb show

    Herod's Lost Tomb

    Herod the Great is one of the Old Testament’s worst villains, best known for ordering the massacre of all male children in...

  • Nazi Kill Zone show

    Nazi Kill Zone

    September 1944. After liberating much of France, Luxembourg and Belgium Allied forces launch General Bernard Montgomery's...

  • Lethal Virus show

    Lethal Virus

    Take a look at these images from The Hot Zone.

  • Primal Survivor China show

    Primal Survivor China

    In these three special episodes, he will travel to the Heilongjiang and Yunnan Provinces of China. Hazen's travels will be...

  • Jaguar F-Type Svr show

    Jaguar F-Type Svr

    Ralph and his 2 teams of car buffs build scrap cars to try and outbrake Shane's Jaguar F-Type SVR.

  • Audi R8 show

    Audi R8

    Ralph and his 2 teams build scrap cars to face Shane's Audi R8 in a 0-60-0 face-off.

  • Mercedes X-Class show

    Mercedes X-Class

    Ralph and his 2 teams build scrap 4x4 cars which they then race against Shane's Mercedes X Class pick-up in a bone-jarring...

  • Deep Water Horizon In Their Own Words show

    Deep Water Horizon In Their Own Words

    In Their Own Words: Deepwater Horizon presents the harrowing story of how a crew of oil rig workers escaped a massive oil rig...

  • Battle of The Crocs show

    Battle of The Crocs

    Jack Randall travels into Australia's untamed Northern Territory to the front lines of a battle between two different species...

  • Reach For The Stars show

    Reach For The Stars

    This episode continues the evolution of the space program of MBRSC and sheds light on HOPE the satellite that was built as...

  • Facing Disaster show

    Facing Disaster

    Take a look at these images from some disasters.

  • Inferno show


    This film presents the amazing landscape and wildlife of the Lower Okavango river in Southern Africa.

  • Secrets of the Viking Sword show

    Secrets of the Viking Sword

    The Vikings were among the fiercest warriors of all time. Yet only a select few carried the ultimate weapon of their era: the...

  • Celebrity Brain Games show

    Celebrity Brain Games

    Brain Games returns featuring high-stakes stunts, celebrity brain gamers, and jam packed interactive games. Episode themes...

  • Movie Magic show

    Movie Magic

    Actress Tiffany Haddish and director Jordan Peele join Keegan-Michael Key to play games that show how Hollywood pros...

  • Hitler's Teen Killers show

    Hitler's Teen Killers

    They grew up under the Nazi regime. They pledged to give their lives for Hitler. They were fanatics who would not be stopped....

  • Kingdom of The Mummies show

    Kingdom of The Mummies

    In the shadow of the world's oldest pyramids, a team of archaeologists led by Dr Ramadan Hussein have made the discovery of a...

  • Saving Wild Alaska show

    Saving Wild Alaska

    The rugged coast of our biggest state harbors the most incredible wildlife in America. When winter breaks, animals make the...

  • Gulf Storms show

    Gulf Storms

    The warm, shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico are a thriving hub of industry and commerce. But they're also rocket fuel for...

  • Predator Bloodlines show

    Predator Bloodlines is through this mechanism that individuals inherit the unique code for survival. In these five epic tales of...