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  • Lisbon show



  • Hitler's Secret Attack On America show

    Hitler's Secret Attack On America

    Hitler's Secret Attack On America

  • Bridge The Gap show

    Bridge The Gap

    Bridge The Gap

  • Treasure Hunt show

    Treasure Hunt

    Treasure Hunt

  • Trouble In Socal show

    Trouble In Socal

    From 2014-2015, Southern California is the site of an alarming spike of twelve shark attacks. Shark experts attempt to...

  • Predicting The Future show

    Predicting The Future

    By finding hidden patterns in big data, computers powered by a new form of artificial intelligence can predict the future with...

  • Dangerous Grounds show

    Dangerous Grounds

    Residents of Port Protection must complete vital tasks before winter, and they must often enlist the help of family or friends.

  • Dark Days show

    Dark Days

    As winter descends on Southeast Alaska, residents in the remote village of Port Protection must combat deadly conditions in...

  • Blood And Snow show

    Blood And Snow

    Residents of Port Protection survive the midpoint of winter using old techniques and knowledge that has been acquired over the...

  • The Power of One show

    The Power of One

    Living in Port Protection is a never-ending education on the art of survival, and residents must use their own creativity to...

  • Cry Wolf show

    Cry Wolf

    With the days getting shorter and temperatures dropping, the residents of Port Protection must make preparations for Alaskas...

  • Rising from the Ashes show

    Rising from the Ashes

    After losing community elder Gary Muehlberger in a tragic house fire, the residents of Port Protection are forced to confront...

  • Float-house Resurrection show

    Float-house Resurrection

    With spring in bloom, Port Protection’s residents are dealt a series of obstacles and opportunities. Squibb attempts an...

  • Bear Hunt Revisited show

    Bear Hunt Revisited

    The residences come together, combining old wisdom with youthful strength to ensure the future of Port Protection. Sam, Carl...

  • I'll Sleep When I'm Dead show

    I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

    As the season hits the halfway points, it's still anybody's game, and one or two great catches could launch the fleet to the top.

  • The Fast And Furious show

    The Fast And Furious

    A game changing fish pits Captain Zack Shackleford and his young crew on the Rasta Rocket against the competitions veteran...

  • The Home Run show

    The Home Run

    With the quota extended yet again, the season is beginning to stretch on for some of these exhausted fishermen. And while...

  • Battle For The Banks show

    Battle For The Banks

    All season long the bluefin battle between Northern and Southern boats has raged and the final two days of the season will be...

  • Family Pride show

    Family Pride

    Will the greenstick continue to give the Little Shell an edge, or will his more traditional rod-and-reel rivals prove...

  • Fishing Up A Storm show

    Fishing Up A Storm

    In the Outer Banks, weather can change on a dime, and the captains must choose between fight or flight when harsh conditions...