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  • Cost of The Paradise show

    Cost of The Paradise

    As winter approaches in Port Protection, residents must be prepared or face dire consequences. Open deer season provides Gary...

  • Trial By Fire show

    Trial By Fire

    In Port Protection, a symbiotic relationship with Mother Nature is vital to survival on the remote Alaskan island. As winter...

  • Eyes of The Forest show

    Eyes of The Forest

    As fall fades into winter, residents of Port Protection must adapt to the whims of Mother Nature if they are to survive. Gary...

  • New Blood show

    New Blood

    As winter looms in Port Protection, its residents both young and old must prepare for the harsh days ahead, or face dire...

  • No Place Like Home show

    No Place Like Home

    With winter looming, the residents of Port Protection must rely on each other to prepare for the harsh months ahead.

  • Chasing Ghosts show

    Chasing Ghosts

    As winter takes its hold, the independent-minded citizens of Port Protection turn to each other to keep their community thriving.

  • Water Works show

    Water Works

    Life in Alaska never slows down even in winter. Residents build a water catchment system, trap fur, collect logs and rescue an...

  • No Pain show

    No Pain

    Dodging disaster and surviving in Port Protection requires its residents to be masters of hunting, gathering and building.

  • On The Edge show

    On The Edge

    In the season finale, as winter nears its end the residents of Port Protection prove themselves worthy adversaries to its...

  • Locked and Loaded show

    Locked and Loaded

    In Port Protection, residents must rely on both brain and brawn if they wish to outsmart mother nature. Oliver and Breanna...

  • Mustang Millionaire show

    Mustang Millionaire

    Mustang Millionaire

  • Title Fight show

    Title Fight

    It's the final two days of the season and with less than 48 hours to produce, the fleet battles it out for their last change...

  • Reverse The Curse show

    Reverse The Curse

    As a herd of massive fish hit the waters of North Carolina, the competition heats up between the Northern and Southern fleets.

  • Man Overboard show

    Man Overboard

    Bluefin Season in the Outer Banks of North Carolina is a struggle as sustainability imposes stricter limits on fishing.

  • Old Golly Whopper show

    Old Golly Whopper

    It’s the toughest Carolina Bluefin Season yet and with half of the quota caught and time running out, every boat on the...

  • High Speed Chase show

    High Speed Chase

    Every second on the water is valuable with the Bluefin Season nearing an end. The luckiest captains battle it out for the...

  • New Blood show

    New Blood

    A new bluefin season in the Outer Banks finds Northern boats plagued with a new wicked tough Southern fleet in competition for...

  • Hard Knocks show

    Hard Knocks

    In this "Outer Banks or Bust" edition, the fleet learns that, without local knowhow, theres no chance of conquering this...

  • Blood Feud show

    Blood Feud

    When a pair of brothers from the South challenge a brother/sister duo from the North for the top spot, the showdown in the...

  • Storm Troopers show

    Storm Troopers

    The Atlantic bluefin fishing season is rapidly coming to a close with one quota extension already running out. Captains weigh...