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  • The Curse of West Virginia show

    The Curse of West Virginia

    Sam heads to the Mountain State to investigate the curse of the Mothman, a winged cryptid whose presence signals disaster....

  • Scotland's Sea Secrets show

    Scotland's Sea Secrets

    During the First World War, two powerful warships, HMS Hampshire and HMS Vanguard, sank in controversial circumstances off the...

  • Attack on Pearl Harbor show

    Attack on Pearl Harbor

    This gripping historical series promises the closest look ever at the fateful day that changed the course of WWII - and the...

  • Charles: In His Own Words show

    Charles: In His Own Words

    An archive documentary single that seeks to look at the key events in Charles’ life that have shaped the man he is today –...

  • Pain Pill Nation show

    Pain Pill Nation

    Party bro and convicted felon Chris George floods the U.S. with addictive pain medication, until the FBI hatch a plan.

  • The Animal show

    The Animal

    Colombia’s notorious cocaine kingpin Otoniel is the drug lord who scares all other drug lords. He’s an uneducated peasant,...

  • Invisible Cartel show

    Invisible Cartel

    The Narco kings are dead. Escobar is gone. His arch-rivals in the powerful Cali cartel are now history. It’s a...

  • Head of the Snake show

    Head of the Snake

    In 1992, New York City is struggling to stem a flood of heroin flowing into the city from South East Asia. On a street corner...

  • Cocaine Ceo show

    Cocaine Ceo

    Drug kingpin ‘Chupeta’ runs a billion dollar cocaine empire like a Fortune 500 company. Rising up to eventually lead the...

  • Cocaine Guerillas show

    Cocaine Guerillas

    A maverick group of DEA agents uncovers the huge scale of guerrilla group, the FARC’s involvement in narcotics, then teams...

  • Made in America show

    Made in America

    Brought up in Laredo on the Texas-Mexican border, American-born Edgar Valdez-Villareal, aka La Barbie, shows early promise as...

  • Ancient China From Above show

    Ancient China From Above

    In this season, Dr. Allan Maca, an archaeologist and expert in ancient civilizations, investigates China’s distant past from...