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  • Deadly Defiance show

    Deadly Defiance

    January 1945. As part of the Allied campaign to liberate France, the Americans 7th Infantry Regiment prepares to capture the...

  • Three Leaders show

    Three Leaders

    With North Korea's relations with the rest of the world at a new and unpredictable inflection point, National Geographic...

  • The Conquest show

    The Conquest

    March 1953. Stalin is dead. Following many long hours of agony in his dacha, the Little Father of Peoples is now no more than...

  • The Wall show

    The Wall

    February 24, 1956. During the Soviet Communist Party's twentieth Congress, Khrushchev stuns everyone by denouncing Stalin's...

  • Secrets of the Viking Sword show

    Secrets of the Viking Sword

    The Vikings were among the fiercest warriors of all time. Yet only a select few carried the ultimate weapon of their era: the...

  • Kingdom of The Mummies show

    Kingdom of The Mummies

    In the shadow of the world's oldest pyramids, a team of archaeologists led by Dr Ramadan Hussein have made the discovery of a...

  • Chasing the Equinox show

    Chasing the Equinox

    The ancients hid the secrets of their incredible knowledge of astronomy in their temples and palaces, built to align with the...

  • Atlas of Cursed Places show

    Atlas of Cursed Places

    Author and adventurer Sam Sheridan travels the globe in search of the most cursed places on Earth. Entrenching himself in...

  • Finland show


    A spectacular aerial journey across Finland, reveals mega ice breaking ships, Europe's last indigenous people and the weirdest...

  • France show


    A spectacular aerial journey across France reveals a cultural powerhouse set in a vast landscape of contrasts and surprises.

  • Croatia show


    A unique aerial tour of Croatia - a place where natural wonders and historic landmarks sit side-by-side. Drone photography...

  • Assassins of The Deep show

    Assassins of The Deep

    We explore three different German U-Boat wrecks from the First and Second World War with marine archaeologist Dr Innes...

  • Apocalypse - Hitler Takes on the East show

    Apocalypse - Hitler Takes on the East

    In June 1941, Hitler took his greatest gamble - launching an attack against the Soviet Union. Despite being the largest German...

  • Hitler's Disastrous Desert War show

    Hitler's Disastrous Desert War

    When the British army looks set to defeat Mussolini’s Italian forces, Hitler sends reinforcements; the Africa Korps led by...

  • Hidden Secrets of Pompeii show

    Hidden Secrets of Pompeii

    Archaeologists embark on new digs in Pompeii, to unravel the stories of the people that lived and died here. They race against...

  • Secrets Of The Colosseum show

    Secrets Of The Colosseum

    How did the the Colosseum - an arena for bloody gladiatorial battles - become the greatest symbol of the Roman Empire?...

  • Chaos Control show

    Chaos Control

    Chaos Control

  • Alaska Bush Troopers show

    Alaska Bush Troopers

    Alaska Bush Troopers

  • Saxon Gold: Finding The Hoard show

    Saxon Gold: Finding The Hoard

    Saxon Gold: Finding The Hoard

  • Unforgettable History show

    Unforgettable History