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  • Apocalypse: War of Worlds show

    Apocalypse: War of Worlds

    The story of this fantastic period of history between 1945 and 1991, which was defined by the confrontation of two worlds and...

  • The Great Rift show

    The Great Rift

    Summer 1945. Leaving the atrocities of World War II behind, the Allied nations wholeheartedly celebrate victory and enjoy a...

  • Chasing the Equinox show

    Chasing the Equinox

    The ancients hid the secrets of their incredible knowledge of astronomy in their temples and palaces, built to align with the...

  • Finland show


    A spectacular aerial journey across Finland, reveals mega ice breaking ships, Europe's last indigenous people and the weirdest...

  • Croatia show


    A unique aerial tour of Croatia - a place where natural wonders and historic landmarks sit side-by-side. Drone photography...

  • Ocean Wreck Investigation show

    Ocean Wreck Investigation

    Working alongside divers, wreck investigators and archaeologists, the series tells the stories of the final moments of ships...

  • Apocalypse - Hitler Takes on the East show

    Apocalypse - Hitler Takes on the East

    In June 1941, Hitler took his greatest gamble - launching an attack against the Soviet Union. Despite being the largest German...

  • Hitler's Disastrous Desert War show

    Hitler's Disastrous Desert War

    When the British army looks set to defeat Mussolini’s Italian forces, Hitler sends reinforcements; the Africa Korps led by...

  • Nero's Lost Palace show

    Nero's Lost Palace

    Buried beneath Rome lies a forgotten treasure: the Golden House - a vast palace built in the first century AD. It was the most...

  • World War II: Secrets from Above show

    World War II: Secrets from Above

    As we fly above the infamous battle sites of D-Day and Dunkirk, soar over hidden Nazi bunkers, and glide across lost...

  • Battle of Britain show

    Battle of Britain

    Summer 1940: Fierce dogfights fill the skies over Southern England, as the pilots of the RAF defend the island from ferocious...

  • Cradle of the Maya show

    Cradle of the Maya

    Albert Lin heads deep into the Mexican jungle in search of an ancient lost city, once home to the Maya that built the great...

  • The Cloud Warriors show

    The Cloud Warriors

    Explorer Albert Lin searches mountains of Peru to reveal the lost city of the Cloud Warriors, whose legacy was nearly wiped...

  • Adventure Wanted show

    Adventure Wanted

    Adventure Wanted

  • Red Tails show

    Red Tails

    Red Tails

  • Facing show


    This limited series reveals epic tales of opposition against some of the world’s most powerful icons, from Pablo Escobar to...

  • Torpedo Rampage show

    Torpedo Rampage

    July 1944. After a lackluster wolfpack operation, an American submarine commander penetrates the defenses of a Japanese convoy...

  • Iwo Jima Pilot Rescue show

    Iwo Jima Pilot Rescue

    When the Allies use carrier groups to deliver destruction to the strongholds of the Imperial Japanese Empire, aircraft and...

  • Lost Treasures of Egypt show

    Lost Treasures of Egypt

    Egypt is home to the richest source of archaeological treasures on the planet. In this series, our cameras follow teams across...

  • Tutankhamun's Death show

    Tutankhamun's Death

    Archaeologists investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of King Tutankhamun to uncover the truth behind...