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  • Ultimate Tutankhamun show

    Ultimate Tutankhamun

  • Facing show


    This limited series reveals epic tales of opposition against some of the world’s most powerful icons, from Pablo Escobar to...

  • Hitler's Meth Heads show

    Hitler's Meth Heads

    Historian Sam Willis and Urban Explorer Robert Joe investigate one of the most astonishing military operations of WWII to...

  • Blitzkrieg In The East show

    Blitzkrieg In The East

    This is the story of Hitler's invasion of Russia, of the biggest invasion force ever assembled in military history and of how...

  • Pearl Harbor show

    Pearl Harbor

    The extraordinary story of how Japan planned and carried out the surprise air attack on the US Navy in Hawaii. From Admiral...

  • Hitler's Final Offensive show

    Hitler's Final Offensive

    Hitler's final throw of the dice to win World War Two - a surprise, winter attack against the Allies least defended front line...

  • Tomb Raiders show

    Tomb Raiders

    Egyptologist Don Ryan works against the clock to examine the contents of Tomb 49 – and make a dramatic discovery.

  • Ramses The Great: Empire Builder show

    Ramses The Great: Empire Builder

    In this episode, archaeologists follow clues to try and unlock the secrets of Ramses success. Cutting edge technology is used...

  • Herod's Lost Tomb show

    Herod's Lost Tomb

    Herod the Great is one of the Old Testament’s worst villains, best known for ordering the massacre of all male children in...

  • Egypt's Sun King: Secrets & Treasures show

    Egypt's Sun King: Secrets & Treasures

    A team of archaeologists discover the first new tomb to contain a body since the tomb of Tutankhamon. The tomb turns out to...

  • Nazi Fortress show

    Nazi Fortress

    September 1944. Brest, France. The American's 121st Engineers Battalion and 29th Infantry Division clear routes through...

  • Forest of Death show

    Forest of Death

    December 1944. Bergstein, Germany. German Grenadiers use rocket launchers, MP-44s and lethal tree blasts to defend Hurtgen...

  • The 80s Greatest show

    The 80s Greatest

    We revisit the greatest moments from America’s decade of decadence when everything went big…from shoulder pads to bank...

  • Frozen Nazi Escape show

    Frozen Nazi Escape

    Survivalist Hazen Audel braves the largest plateau in Europe to retrace the white-knuckle escape of Norwegian commandos who...

  • Death Railway Escape show

    Death Railway Escape

    Hazen Audel battles the bamboo jungles of Thailand, mirroring the escape of ten prisoners from a brutal, Japanese labour camp...

  • Apocalypse: War of Worlds show

    Apocalypse: War of Worlds

    The story of this fantastic period of history between 1945 and 1991, which was defined by the confrontation of two worlds and...

  • The Abyss show

    The Abyss

    November 22, 1963. The entire world is in shock. President Kennedy has just been assassinated during a trip to Dallas. Even...

  • Greatest Treasure of the Ancient World show

    Greatest Treasure of the Ancient World

    Historian and author Bettany Hughes, reveals spectacular monuments from her December 2019 trip to explore to ancient Egypt.

  • The 80s Top Ten show

    The 80s Top Ten

    Rob Lowe revisits the most memorable aspects of ‘80s pop culture as he counts down the top ten toys, commercials, gadgets,...

  • Collisions At Sea show

    Collisions At Sea

    Collisions at sea are of the most costly accidents, both financially and to lives. Exploring 3 historical wrecks – HMS...