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  • Hitler's Teen Killers show

    Hitler's Teen Killers

    They grew up under the Nazi regime. They pledged to give their lives for Hitler. They were fanatics who would not be stopped....

  • Killing Kennedy show

    Killing Kennedy

    Killing Kennedy

  • Inside Area 51’s Secrets show

    Inside Area 51’s Secrets

    Inside Area 51’s Secrets

  • Machu Pichu show

    Machu Pichu

    Machu Pichu

  • Origins: The Journey Of Humankind show

    Origins: The Journey Of Humankind

    Hosted by Jason Silva, Origins: The Journey of Humankind rewinds all the way back to the beginning and traces the innovations...

  • The Writing on the Wall show

    The Writing on the Wall

    It's something the human race has been striving for since the dawn of our species. Through wireless connections and mobile...

  • I Wouldn’t Go In There - WW2 Special show

    I Wouldn’t Go In There - WW2 Special

    Asia is haunted - haunted by its own history. I Wouldn’t Go In There is a quest to uncover the real history behind the...

  • From If It Bleeds, It Leads show

    From If It Bleeds, It Leads

    NatGeo's 6-part series "1989," continues with a fascinating look at the rise of tabloid journalism in the late 80's. The...

  • Pearl Harbor show

    Pearl Harbor

    The extraordinary story of how Japan planned and carried out the surprise air attack on the US Navy in Hawaii. From Admiral...

  • Submarine Raiders show

    Submarine Raiders

    June 1945. With Japanese merchant shipping slowed to a trickle, US Commander bets a crew member they'll sink 15 vessels during...

  • Cold War Crisis show

    Cold War Crisis

    When Soviet submarine, B-59, is discovered "practice depth charges" are dropped; nearly inciting a nuclear war.

  • North Sea Showdown show

    North Sea Showdown

    February 1945. Below icy Norwegian waters HMS Venturer stalks German U-Boat 864 in a rare WWII submarine attack where both...

  • Valley of The Boom show

    Valley of The Boom

    While trying to gain momentum for a potential IPO, Andreessen and team take the ever-expanding Netscape on a Road Show in...

  • Tomb Raiders show

    Tomb Raiders

    Egyptologist Don Ryan works against the clock to examine the contents of Tomb 49 – and make a dramatic discovery.

  • Ramses The Great: Empire Builder show

    Ramses The Great: Empire Builder

    In this episode, archaeologists follow clues to try and unlock the secrets of Ramses success. Cutting edge technology is used...

  • Hitler's Last Stand show

    Hitler's Last Stand

    On June 6th, 1944, the Allies finally land troops in Normandy to open the western front. But after the surprise of the D-Day...

  • Bunker Blitz show

    Bunker Blitz

    As the war finally arrives on German soil, US soldiers must smash through two layers of the infamous Siegfried Line to capture...

  • Lost Cities with Albert Lin show

    Lost Cities with Albert Lin

    Lost Cities combines high-tech archaeology, breath-taking visuals and genuine exploration to make headline grabbing...

  • Inca Island In The Sky show

    Inca Island In The Sky

    Albert Lin travels to the famous Machu Picchu where LiDAR technology reveals evidence of an even older civilisation’s...

  • Viking Warrior Women show

    Viking Warrior Women

    It has always been thought that all Viking warriors were men, but new discoveries are challenging everything we thought we...