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  • Nuclear Wrecks show

    Nuclear Wrecks

    We uncover the remains of warships from the remote Pacific to the deep Atlantic revealing new insights into how the atom bomb...

  • Rome's Sunken Secrets show

    Rome's Sunken Secrets

    How did Rome rise to dominate so much of the ancient world? Off the coast of Sicily, investigators discover traces of a...

  • The Madman show

    The Madman

    No name, no photo, no fingerprints, this drug lord was the ultimate ghost. All law enforcement knew about him was his...

  • Bombing Pompeii show

    Bombing Pompeii

    Pompeii. The world’s most astonishing historical time capsule. Once a vibrant and sprawling Roman town, it was buried under...

  • Amazing Planet show

    Amazing Planet

    Why is the Earth so restless? What causes the ground to shake violently, volcanoes to explode, and great mountain ranges to...

  • Alaska Bush Troopers show

    Alaska Bush Troopers

    Alaska Bush Troopers

  • Saxon Gold: Finding The Hoard show

    Saxon Gold: Finding The Hoard

    Saxon Gold: Finding The Hoard

  • American Blackout show

    American Blackout

    American Blackout

  • The 80's show

    The 80's

    The 80's

  • America's Lost Treasures show

    America's Lost Treasures

  • Inside: World War 2 show

    Inside: World War 2

  • WWII's Greatest Raids show

    WWII's Greatest Raids

    WWII's Greatest Raids

  • Diana: In Her Own Words show

    Diana: In Her Own Words

    In 1991, inside London’s Kensington Palace, Diana, Princess of Wales, participated in a series of secret interviews,...

  • Spark Of Civilization show

    Spark Of Civilization

    We are the Fire Species. Harnessing fire gave us the power to create, to destroy and to transform. But it also taught us hard...

  • Cheating Death show

    Cheating Death

    We are in an escalating race with super-bugs and super-viruses: living organisms that attack our bodies, adapt to our...

  • The Battle of Kursk show

    The Battle of Kursk

    After a humiliating defeat at Stalingrad, Nazi Germany rallies to turn the war back in their favour. The result is the...

  • From Show Me The Money show

    From Show Me The Money

    What do Bart Simpson, Batman and the Little Mermaid have in common? They all became huge stars in 1989, a year that shaped...

  • From If It Bring The Noise show

    From If It Bring The Noise

    Chuck D and Arsenio Hall discuss the pop culture revolution of 1989 that raised our collective social consciousness. Spike...

  • Wounded Warrior show

    Wounded Warrior

    USS Silversides battles depth charges, a jammed torpedo and an emergency appendectomy deep in enemy waters whilst intercepting...

  • Warrior Pharaoh Queen show

    Warrior Pharaoh Queen

    Archaeologists investigate the powerful reign of one of the greatest female pharaohs in history - Hatshepsut.