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  • Rise of Cleopatra show

    Rise of Cleopatra

    Archaeologists investigate Egypt’s most famous female pharaoh, Cleopatra. Teams excavate ancient graves and search hidden...

  • Egypt's Sun King: Secrets & Treasures show

    Egypt's Sun King: Secrets & Treasures

    A team of archaeologists discover the first new tomb to contain a body since the tomb of Tutankhamon. The tomb turns out to...

  • Nazi Fortress show

    Nazi Fortress

    September 1944. Brest, France. The American's 121st Engineers Battalion and 29th Infantry Division clear routes through...

  • Three Leaders show

    Three Leaders

    With North Korea's relations with the rest of the world at a new and unpredictable inflection point, National Geographic...

  • Mysteries show


    National Geographic Abu Dhabi brings an in-depth examination of some of histories most endless mysteries through a review of...

  • Kuwait Museum show

    Kuwait Museum

    The 20-minute film entitled “Kuwait Culture” explores the various aspects and features of the colossal project, envisioned...

  • Rebuilding Paradise show

    Rebuilding Paradise

    On the morning of Nov. 8, 2018, a devastating firestorm engulfed the picturesque city of Paradise, California. By the time the...

  • Europe from Above show

    Europe from Above

    Europe from Above Season 4 takes to the skies above Scotland, Denmark, Serbia, Belgium, Bulgaria, and Romania, and captures...

  • Hungary show


    A spectacular aerial journey over Hungary, from the colourful rooftops of Budapest, to a real-life ghost town and Europe's...

  • Danger Ahead show

    Danger Ahead

    The sea is unpredictable. Critical decisions made in the face of danger make all the difference. What sank the ocean liner...

  • Secrets of Rome’s Great Wall show

    Secrets of Rome’s Great Wall

    Hadrian’s Wall is the biggest structure the Romans ever built. Stretching 73 miles across Britain, it once defined the...

  • Tut's Toxic Tomb show

    Tut's Toxic Tomb

    On 26th November 1922, Howard Carter made the greatest archaeological find of all time – the treasure-filled tomb of...

  • Lost Treasures of Arabia: Ancient City of Dadan show

    Lost Treasures of Arabia: Ancient City of Dadan

    The ancient city of Dadan, which lies in a remote corner of North West Arabia on the famed Incense Road of antiquity, is...

  • Life in the Palace: The Coronation Eve Special show

    Life in the Palace: The Coronation Eve Special

    A captivating window into the extremely private life of Queen Elizabeth II. The extraordinary story of the most filmed &...

  • Target One show

    Target One

    Liverpool’s Curtis Warren was a drug trafficking prodigy, whose cunning and flair made him a uniquely challenging opponent...

  • Perfect Weapon show

    Perfect Weapon

    Perfect Weapon

  • Inside Mexican Prison show

    Inside Mexican Prison

    Inside Mexican Prison

  • Ancient Secrets show

    Ancient Secrets

    Ancient Secrets

  • Nazi Underworld show

    Nazi Underworld

    Nazi Underworld

  • St. Paul's Cathedral show

    St. Paul's Cathedral