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  • Pow Jungle Escape show

    Pow Jungle Escape

    Survival expert Hazen Audel retraces the extraordinary survival journey of 11 American soldiers who flee a POW camp in the...

  • The World Trembles show

    The World Trembles

    September 1950. On the banks at Incheon, 30 miles from Seoul, General MacArthur is victorious. The landing he planned, to...

  • Greece show


    A spectacular aerial journey over Greece, reveals ancient monuments, cliff top monasteries, daring ocean clear-ups and record...

  • Tracing Heritage show

    Tracing Heritage

    First-generation immigrant Tianran He is travelling back to his ancestral homeland to see how China’s Mother River, Yellow...

  • Ocean Wreck Investigation show

    Ocean Wreck Investigation

    Working alongside divers, wreck investigators and archaeologists, the series tells the stories of the final moments of ships...

  • Riding Britain's Railways show

    Riding Britain's Railways

    Riding Britain's Railways

  • Family Guns show

    Family Guns

  • Nazi Underworld show

    Nazi Underworld

    Nazi Underworld

  • Avengers show



  • Saving Egypt’s Oldest Pyramids show

    Saving Egypt’s Oldest Pyramids

  • Diana: In Her Own Words show

    Diana: In Her Own Words

    In 1991, inside London’s Kensington Palace, Diana, Princess of Wales, participated in a series of secret interviews,...

  • Francisco Franco show

    Francisco Franco

    An exploration of the methods and tactics of Generalissimo Francisco Franco, who controlled Spain with absolute power for four...

  • Hitler's Fighting Retreat show

    Hitler's Fighting Retreat

    The tide of war with Russia has turned and the Germans face a vast Soviet army bent on revenge. Now relying on defensive...

  • From The Dawn of Digital show

    From The Dawn of Digital

    We didn't know it then, but in 1989, the digital age had begun. It was the year the first modern GPS satellites roamed above...

  • Submarine Raiders show

    Submarine Raiders

    June 1945. With Japanese merchant shipping slowed to a trickle, US Commander bets a crew member they'll sink 15 vessels during...

  • Cold War Crisis show

    Cold War Crisis

    When Soviet submarine, B-59, is discovered "practice depth charges" are dropped; nearly inciting a nuclear war.

  • North Sea Showdown show

    North Sea Showdown

    February 1945. Below icy Norwegian waters HMS Venturer stalks German U-Boat 864 in a rare WWII submarine attack where both...

  • Death of The Pyramids show

    Death of The Pyramids

    Archaeologists hunt for clues to explain the abandoning of the pyramids. They unearth tactics used to protect mummies and find...

  • Egypt From Above show

    Egypt From Above

    A spectacular aerial journey across Egypt reveals how the River Nile was the key to the ancients' empire and why it is still...

  • Nazi Kill Zone show

    Nazi Kill Zone

    September 1944. After liberating much of France, Luxembourg and Belgium Allied forces launch General Bernard Montgomery's...